The Ultimate Literacy Test

The Ultimate Literacy Test

Have you TRULY mastered the English language? Find out how much you really know!

The Ultimate Literacy Test

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I agree. Little use in asking me to identify the palandrome only to then explain what that is in parentheses!

I’d like to know what my actual score was and if I’d got any wrong.

Also lay/lie down – I think it depends on where you are from and both are valid.

Your meaning would be understood, which is a good enough measure of a word being right.

If you wanted to get pedantic about it:
“lay” is used when you are moving some other object. You lay the book down on the table.
“lie” is for when you are moving yourself. I need to go lie down.

But most people use both interchangeably anyway, so it doesn’t matter in the real world.

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