There Is A Growing Trend Amongst Women For Side-Boob Tattoos –

A new tattoo trend is taking the inked world by storm. No, it’s not getting a little man tattooed on your chest to look like you’re driving your own body, this is a slightly more tasteful, feminine option.

Well, it doesn’t HAVE to be feminine, but you are going to need a set of boobs if you’re going to get the full effect. The trend is for getting tattoos on the side of your rib cage underneath the breasts.

It looks pretty cool too, don’t you think?

Whether you agree or not, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s probably bloody painful. Getting tattoos on anywhere that has bones is going to wreck you in.

Also, there are a lot of nerve endings around that part of the body, and not a great deal of skin to protect you from the needle.

You’ve got to suffer for your art though, eh? A little pain never hurt anyone – oh, wait.


Anyway, lots of women are going in for it and there is a whole heap of different styles you could go for, from slogans and writing to patterns and designs.

There’s no doubt that the craze is taking off – there are hundreds of photos on Instagram of designs and patterns that people have had done, or that tattoo artists have done.

Seriously, go and have a look – even if you’re not into getting tattoos and have no interest you can at least waste a while looking at photos of sideboob. There are worse ways to spend your afternoon, trust me.

As with any tattoo, you need the right artist to do it, and – as we’ve discussed – you need a pretty high pain threshold.

But, if you get both of those things right, they look pretty cool. If you’re a girl who likes to show a bit of skin off when you’re out and about it’s probably right up your street.

If you’re a boy with sizeable moobs who is perfectly happy with that – it could be for you as well, just saying.

If all else fails, you can of course still go down the tiny body driving your normal sized head tattoo avenue – it’s a strong look if you think you can pull it off.

Please, let this become a trend – it would make me very happy. Very happy indeed.


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