There’s A Masturbation Booth In NYC, It Seems Awful


Sex toy company Hot Octopuss has decided that the island of Manhattan desperately needed a safe space for men to come and jerk off during work. They turned that dream into a reality recently by erecting the “GuyFi booth,” a masturbation booth that is literally just a phone booth with a chair and laptop in it.

From the company’s press release:

According to Time Out, a remarkable 39% of New Yorkers ‘self-soothe’ in the workplace to alleviate stress. Hot Octopuss has created the GuyFi booth to take this habit out of the office and into a more suitable environment designed to give the busy Manhattan man the privacy, and the high-speed Internet connection, he deserves.

OK, look, that’s great, but let’s be clear here. This is a publicity stunt. Nobody actually wants you to go into that phone booth with a flimsy curtain susceptible to gusts of wind and jerk off in the middle of winter. Why you would even consider doing that instead of just heading to the bathroom at your job is a mystery. Why anybody would think the sidewalk is a “more suitable environment” for jerking off than, well, pretty much anywhere is also very confusing.

Hot Octopuss claims 100 people used the booth — located on the corner of 28th Street and 5th Avenue — on its first day, which fine, I believe it, but only because I’m pretty sure that any given location in a major city like New York will have its share of dudes jerking off on any random day. There doesn’t need to be an officially designated space for it.

So, yeah, it’s good advertising, and we’ve all had a nice laugh. Please don’t masturbate on a public sidewalk.




There’s A Masturbation Booth In NYC, It Seems Awful

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In the workplace, nobody wants to see you taking the coffee percolator jug into the bathroom stall.

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