There’s A Reason Why Intelligent People Tend To Be Loners

If you’re the kind of person who leaves work, goes home and speaks to no-one until the next day – don’t worry. If you enjoy a glass of wine while telling your cat about your day, nae bother! If you cry into your ‘meal for one’ while desperately wishing for any kind of human interaction – mate! Stop your worrying.

It all means that you’re super clever and probably doesn’t have anything to do with your body odour or lack of social skills. Although you could always jump in the shower and see if that does anything.

But anyway, you’re fine. A new study has found that for those of us who are especially intelligent, the more they socialise with friends, the less happy they are.

Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li of Singapore Management University ran a study which is rooted within the ‘Savannah Theory’. The basic idea of this theory is that the factors which made early humans satisfied are still applicable to modern life.

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They then took data from a long-term study which had surveyed adults aged from 18 to 28. This study looked into the self-reported levels of life satisfaction.

The interesting part was not that people who lived in more densely populated areas reported lower levels of life satisfaction – that’s bound to happen when you’re living in a city. Commuting, noise pollution etc.

No, the most eye-catching part was that ‘the extremely intelligent’ people surveyed showed that more frequent social interaction was found to be linked with reduced life satisfaction.

According to the Daily Mail, Kanazawa and Li believe that smarter people are better at facing the challenges of modern life. Basically, they find it easier to leave their ‘ancestral roots’ behind in order to be successful and happy.

So, yeah, all you people with loads of mates are clearly the losers.

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