There’s A Secret Message When You Play ‘My Name Is’ Backwards

There’s A Secret Message When You Play ‘My Name Is’ Backwards  

This morning, everyone working in The office was sitting round listening to music (as you do) when Eminem – ‘My Name Is’ came on.

What a song, ay? Takes us all back to the year 2000, when MSN was the best means of communication and streaming an album took three days.

However, most people in the office didn’t realize that there’s a secret message when you play the song backwards.

Maybe it was just me being a bit of a square and researching songs backwards when I was younger, I don’t know.

I reckon there’ll be lots of you sat there reading this now like: “Well, yeah. Tell us something we don’t know.” But hopefully, this will be a glorious moment for the majority of you.

What better way to spend a Saturday than listening to songs backwards. Right? Right?!

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Someone on Imgur has put together a shit load of interesting facts about Slim himself, check them out…

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