These Are Not Screenshots Or Photoshopped, These Are Real Places!

“Fire In East St. Louis Last Night Looks Like A Scene From A Movie”

“The Massive Underground Cathedral Protecting Tokyo From Floods (This Isn’t A 3D Render)”

“Hong Kong Protests Look Like A Dystopian Future”

“Frozen Water And Waves Of Lake Michigan Makes Something That Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of Game Of Thrones Or Saw”

“A Friend On Social Media Spotted This One Pixel Glitch In The Matrix, India”

“I’ve Been Told My Photo Of Half Dome Looks Like A Videogame Render”

“A Picture Of My Kids At The Zoo Turned Out More Like A Scene From A Horror Movie”

“The Way The Snow Melted In My University’s Courtyard Makes The Floor Look Like A Video Game”

“Cloud From The Storm Today Looks Like A Horror Movie”

“A Quest!”

“Lena Pillars, A Natural Rock Formation In Yakutsk, Russia Looks Like The Wall From Game Of Thrones”

“My Picture Made It Seem Like I Was A Locked Character”

“A Creepy Little Christmas Tree Fully Decorated In The Middle Of The Woods. Powered By What Looked Like Mini Solar Panels”

“This Photo I Took Of A Building In San Antonio Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of An Alien Invasion Movie”

“Apartment Hallway In Dallas, TX Looks Like A Scene From The Titanic”

“Lake Bursol With Working Railroad Looks Like From Ghibli Movie”

“My Front Porch View Looks Like A Scene Out Of Stranger Things”

“Ice Storm Makes North Georgia Look Like Something Out Of An Apocalypse Movie”

“Photo I Took On My Phone Looks Like Live-Action GTA”

“Enchanted Forest In Oregon Looks Like The Gates Of Hell At The Moment”

“The Reflection Of The Lights In The Room Behind Me Make It Look Like The Sky Has A Trap Door”

“These Lights On The Ground That Look Like The Start To A Video Game Quest”

“Wow I’ve Never Seen A Real Place That Looks So Much Like A Video Game”

“This Sign Feels Like The Start Of A Video Game”

“Guy Working On Japan’s Giant Gundam Looks Like A Scene From A Movie”

“This Tower We Found In An Irish Forest Looks Like Something Out Of A Fairytale”

“I Live In A Pretty Boring Neighborhood In Japan So Decided To Try This App. Went With The Intention Of Something Interesting. Found A Garden Of Giant Trees Looking Like This”

“Interior Of An LNG Ship Cargo Tank”

“I Got My GF A New Bike Helmet, My Brother-In-Law Got Her A Drake Face-Print Balaclava And Now She Looks Like A Custom Video Game Character”

“I Came Downstairs And Noticed My Dryer Looked Like A Portal To Another World”

“Tried To Take A Night Photo On GoPro. Looks Like Game Rendering”


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