These Hackers Managed To Break Into The Government

These Hackers Managed To Break Into The Government

According to an article in the New Yorker in 2014, the term hack in relation to technology came about in the 1950s. Back then, it had more benign connotations, mostly meaning working on a technical solution to something. Then in the 1970s we started talking about malicious hackers, people who would exploit vulnerabilities in a system. These people soon became known as “black hat” hackers, while the hackers that were less malicious were called “white hats.” Then we have the term life hacker, which is more or less neutral. Despite the fact there are the good, the bad, and the ugly in the hacking world, we still for the most part tend to think of hacking as something of a nefarious activity. We have good reason too, as you’ll find out in this episode of the Infographics Show, Hackers Who Broke into the Government.

Why Is The Government Terrified Of This Hacker?

With cybercrime on the rise governments around the world have seriously stepped up their digital law enforcement efforts, often to great success. While most hackers nowadays are easily caught and punished, others have evaded law enforcement for years, while others still were hacking legends in their day and practically barred from ever touching a computer again. Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we’re taking a look at hackers governments around the world fear.

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