These Robot Chefs Can Make Ramen In 90 Seconds

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Two robots in Shanghai’s Hongkou District are dishing out steaming bowls of Ramen in the victorious prep/cook time of 90 seconds. They’re also making bank. Worth $154,000 these two soulless, bionic chefs are living comfortably above the poverty line. As an ex-dishwasher/busboy, which was basically team bitch for back of the house, I’ll be curious to see how this impacts the hospitality industry as a whole. The restaurant owner, Liu Jin is definitely stoked about the possibilities of a non-human workforce. Jin told Shanghai Daily that, “you don’t get any problems with robots. They’ll never ask for leave and they won’t get sick.” Uh, okay. Will the U.S. hop on board the robot train? Who’s to say.

This could change your potentially hungover Sunday morning zombified, eat-all-the-Ramen routine. So, robots definitely will take over the world, enslave the human race, and all that jazz; but first they wanna’ take over our kitchens. This is chill though. I’m always down for someone, or something, else preparing my lifeblood noodles in the impressive span of 90 seconds. And now we should all probably go beast mode on a bowl of Ramen, ’cause why not?



These Robot Chefs Can Make Ramen In 90 Seconds

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