Thieves Smash Car Through Storefront, Fall Over Each Other During Robbery


Burglars who recently robbed a Hang Time Clothing in Indianapolis, Maryland, had a unique and intricate method of perpetrating their theft.

Only kidding — they just plain rammed through the front of the building with their car.

The brazen theft was captured by a security camera, which first recorded two men moving trash cans out of the way. Once they’ve prepared the runway they waste no time in driving their car through the front of the building, smashing through the glass and metal grating and driving straight into the showroom.

That’s when a large group of men – an invasion force really – swarm through the destroyed facade carrying trash bags and clean the place out. No less than a dozen men bum-rush the building so rapidly that they fall all over each other in their haste. Guys are stumbling, bumping into each other, and pants are falling down as people run back and forth holding armfuls of clothing and jeans.

It’s a scene that deserves to be set to the “Benny Hill” theme song. In fact, for a greatly improved experience, I suggest playing it while you watch the video.
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