Brother And Sister Dating

Sometimes love just happens and it’s pointless fighting it. Even if you’re in love with a sibling.


Vice writer Jennifer Tillman was introduced to a man who’s been in a committed relationship with his sister for two decades. On a condition of anonymity (because they both could go to jail) “Tom” spoke with Tillman over Skype about the entire relationship, the reaction of family and friends and what the couple will tell their daughter. Yes, they have a child together.

Here’s the opening of Tom’s already sad yet hopeful story:

We arrange a Skype interview. He turns up in dark sunglasses and a hat to protect his identity. He promises he’ll tell me everything as long as I don’t reveal his personal details. If I did, I would be putting his freedom at stake.

Tom’s profile picture shows him and his girlfriend, Lena. She hugs him from behind, lovingly kissing him on the neck. He is smiling, twining his fingers in her long, brown hair. Strictly speaking, nothing is wrong with this photo. It shows two people who love each other—a relationship based on mutual attraction.

But Lena is Tom’s sister, and for most people this changes everything; the photograph actually becomes criminal evidence. “I’m scared of people finding me disgusting,” says Tom. He looks away from me and claws at his fingers. He’s been in a committed relationship with his sister for 20 years, and the couple has a child together. “There’s nothing that I haven’t heard before. People have called me a desecrator, sister-fucker, or simply retarded. And all that’s come out of the mouths of people who were at one time my friends. Even if society won’t recognize us, we exist and there are more of us than you think.”

Ouch. Yeah, I can’t imagine people took the news well.

“I started getting real feelings for her when we both entered puberty,” Tom explained in the interview. “She was blossoming. Sometimes I would watch her getting dressed in her room and always felt ashamed of myself afterwards.” Tom tried to play it off as just hormones and told himself he wasn’t attracted to her but to women and she was the closest woman.

Tom soon realized his feelings were more about wanting to see her rack.

Then, at 17, Lena got her first real boyfriend. “That was hell for me,” Tom confesses. “I hated each one of her boyfriend’s guts. Lena used to cry because I wouldn’t get on with them. Today, I know that it was pure jealousy.”

Their first time hooking up sounds exactly like a night experienced by every other young adult in the world except both participants in the petting session came out of the same vagina.

After a three-year relationship, Lena’s boyfriend cheated on her. In the middle of the night she stumbled into Tom’s bedroom. He was already asleep and was woken by her sobbing. To console her, he fetched some wine from the cellar. After the first glass, came the second, and then the third in quick succession. Intoxicated in the moment, Lena cuddled up to his shoulder.

In the case of Tom and Lena, their fantasy soon came to life: “I can still remember it like it happened yesterday,” says Tom. “She looked up at me and asked why other men can’t be more like me.” That’s when it happened; Tom felt sure that he and Lena were not just siblings. But before he could make a move, Lena leaned in and kissed him. Tom pushed his sister away. “What the hell are we doing?” he screamed. Lena started to cry.

The story goes on to discuss their first night together, their relationship, living life under constant worry of getting arrested and just how far people will go for the person they love. I suggest reading the entire story and never going near your sister or brother again.

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This Brother And Sister Have Been In A Committed Sexual Relationship For Over 20 Years

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