This Deep-Fried Big Mac On A Stick Will Kill Us All – Here’s How To Make It!

No, this isn’t something being served at a state fair. Yes, this is real.

If for whatever reason you attempted to make spaghetti tacos and are still hungry, or the food made by most fast food companies suddenly seems tame, I present to you this: The deep-fried Big Mac on a stick.

This monstrosity was created by food blogger Peep My Eats. We’ve also included instructions for how to make one yourself, if you have a fucking death wish. Scroll down, oh hungry one…

  • How to make a deep fried Big Mac!You will need the following ingredients
    1. A McDonald Big Mac
    2. Eggs
    3. Panko Bread Crumbs
    4. Toothpicks

    Now that you have everything is time to make your deep fried Big Mac!

    1. First you will need to scramble 2 eggs in a bowl
    2. Take your Big Mac n dip it in your eggs, make sure every part of the Big Mac is covered (place toothpick in the Big Mac if you are having trouble keeping it together)
    3. Bread your Big Mac in the Panko crumbs
    4. Repeat steps 2 & 3
    5. Place your breaded Big Mac in the Deep fryer & cook until golden brown
    6. Add extra Mac Sauce on Top n There you have it!

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