This Guy Got A Mysterious Voicemail With Terrifying Military Codes

This Guy Got A Mysterious Voicemail With Terrifying Military Codes –

Normally, getting a text or voicemail from a wrong number is a fairly uneventful experience.

But for Twitter user Ty, a brief listen to an unexpected voicemail quickly turned into the premise of an action film.

For readers and listeners confused, the seemingly nonsensical word salad of the voicemail is in fact military code.

To make matters worse, the translation of the code is even creepier than the voicemail itself.

To add to the overall shudder factor, Ty noticed a strange man taking photos outside his house a few days before receiving this message.

Luckily, Ty hasn’t received any mysterious correspondence since the initial voicemail.

But that hasn’t stopped the internet from chiming in with terrifyingly well researched theories.

A few people noted that the voicemail’s coordinates corresponded with the area of the Malaysian airplane crash.

Their theory is that the voicemail was a black box recording from the plane as it was going down. So basically, the SOS referenced a potential last ditch effort to survive. According to the theory, Ty may have received the message because crash occurred during two solar flares. So, the atmosphere was putting out more electromagnetic pulses and thus upping the potential for a lost or redirected message.

While people noted that the Malaysian crash theory explained a lot, it still didn’t explain the message’s exclamation “they are not human.”

ALSO, Google Earth literally doesn’t render images of the coordinates in the voicemail (aka the area of the Malaysian airplane crash). That, combined with the mysterious follow-up message Ty received instructing him to “delete the voicemail” caused many to suspect the voicemail pointed to something insidious about the crash.

In the days following his viral voicemail, Ty has been inundated with fascinating theories.

Well, I officially know what Twitter rabbithole I’ll be obsessed with all weekend. Regardless of the origin of this voicemail, the ensuing conversations are straight up wild and fascinating.

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