This Hot Female Gang Member Is Going Viral Thanks To Her Mugshot

This Hot Female Gang Member Is Going Viral Thanks To Her Mugshot


Ah, America, where you can commit crimes and still go viral for being attractive.

Mugshots are taken everyday because there are tons of idiots out there committing crimes. But there are some mugshots that go viral. Sometimes they go viral because they are absurd, and sometimes they go viral because they are hot. And let’s talk more about the latter because that’s exactly the reason Mirella Ponce’s mugshot has gone viral.

The 20-year-old California gang member has reeled in the internet simply because she’s a looker — with some people offering to pay her bail which was set at $100,00. But let’s take a look at that mugshot below.

Photo: Fresno County Jail


Not too bad at all. But let’s not forget why Ponce was arrested in the first place: Ponce is a member of the Tiny Rascal Gang (WTF?), and she was cuffed after police discovered she was in possession of a loaded stolen firearm during a routine traffic stop. Oh, and she had her infant child with her. Classy.


Photo: Fresno County Jail


Ponce was booked on two felony weapons charges, and another passenger that was with her was busted on an unrelated felony.

Ponce is now at Fresno County Jail if you want to visit her and try to woo her.


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