THIS Is What You Get When You Pull A Knife On Young Hero Nate


This is the story of a 17-year-old hero named Nate, who had a trial by fire in a very underground world.  He was just your average high school (All State champion BADASS) wrestler.

While waiting on his mother in their car while she went to get her paycheck, he was approached by a 32-year-old character named Luther Dunn; what he didn’t know at the time, was that Dunn was attempting to steal the car.

Well, as Dunn approached the vehicle he began issuing demands, and pulled out a knife. In an interview with WFTS News, he had this to say on the incident:

“If he wouldn’t have brought the weapon, I wouldn’t have been worried about it, because he was just talking, but once he pulled out the weapon, I mean I didn’t have no choice.”

And with no choice, Nate made his stand. Quickly grabbing a tire iron out of the trunk and slamming it into the would-be car thief‘s head. After submitting and subduing the man on the ground, Nate picked him up, flipped him and proceeded to slam him back down to the ground in a classic FULL suplex maneuver. His mother feared he’d broken the man’s neck!

Dunn now faces charges for attempted armed robbery, but was taken to the hospital immediately after the incident for his injuries. This piece of work got what was coming to him, but luckily he’s not going to suffer any long-term damage aside from prison. Hopefully this will be enough to convince him and a few others, that it’s just not worth it and DON’T EVER MESS WITH NATE.

THIS Is What You Get When You Pull A Knife On Young Hero Nate

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