This Island Is Up For Sale And Will Cost You Less Than Some Houses

Do you ever feel down about the extortionate house prices at the moment? The deposit is creeping up but you still feel like one hundred miles away, and the rest. Even if you have enough, the house you can afford is basically a cupboard. It’s a position many of us find ourselves in.

The average developer will put a four-bedroom house on a plot that is between an eighth and a sixteenth of an acre. So, what if we told you that this entire island is up for sale and it’s cheaper than some London flats. No joke. It would just mean emigrating Down Under if you’re not already there, which is no biggie.

We’ve got our balancing hands out – a two bedroom semi-detached on one hand and an entire island on the other.

Wade Island, just a 90-minute drive from Canberra, Australia, has a guide price of between AUS$600,000 (£332,160/US$450,000) to AUS$650,000 (£359,840/US$487,500).

Imagine putting ‘Wade Island’ as your address.

So, forget about the annoying neighbours who won’t give you a minute of peace and quiet, even while you’re trying to sunbathe in the back garden.

The 92-hectare, or 227-acre, private island near the historic town of Wee Jasper in New South Wales, comes with freehold land on Lake Burrinjuck which can be developed into an eco-friendly holiday spot. Or even better – the sickest party venue.

The MailOnline reported that selling agent LJ Hooker said the pristine bush-land island combined privacy with access to nearby cosmopolitan delights.

The listing reads: “You get the privacy that you would expect in remote parts of the world, with fabulous restaurants and local amenities just down the road.

“It’s not an opportunity that you’re likely to come across often, and one that could completely change your life.”

The island, which went on sale in early April, is a 90-minute drive from Australia’s capital, Canberra, or three-and-a-half hours’ drive from Sydney.

The previous owners, who bought the property on impulse 13 years ago, planned to build self-contained cabins on the island, which is mainly accessible by boat – but they ran out of time raising young children.

Development approval has already been given to put accommodation on the island, which LJ Hooker said offered access to abundant wildlife, fishing, bush-walking, caving and water skiing.

LJ Hooker co-agent, Nic Salter-Harding, said he has received hundreds of enquiries since the property was listed five weeks ago.

He told Daily Mail Australia: “It’s hard to determine what the price of this property should be, logically, it’s not that kind of property.

“This is a completely unique opportunity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal – I don’t believe that you’re going to find something like this again anytime in the foreseeable future.

“I’m not aware of any other properties like this that exist in the region. To me it’s a helluva bargain.”

Nic said a wagu beef farmer wanting somewhere to graze his cattle, a koala conservation group, a church group wanting a weekend getaway and a corporation looking to build a retreat had expressed interest.

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