Three-Boobed Runway Show? Kuato Approves!




designer Simon Huck, a man whose body implants made Kim Kardashian West, Chrissy Teigen, and Tan France look like extra-terrestrials, is now working on  another sci-fi fashion design that’s taking its inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dark, futuristic thriller, “Total Recall” (1990).

Over the weekend, at a runway show for Milan’s Fashion Week, Italian streetwear label GCDS featured some of its models with three-breasted artificial chest pieces straight out of the Schwarzenegger film.

At least, we think they were artificial.

Remember her?

GCDS’ show featured futuristic, rave-ready neon crop tops, mini skirts, see-through vinyl dresses, and utility-style harnesses, so the three-breasted women weren’t totally out of place.

For those who weren’t distracted by the extra-boobed models, there were neon lights behind the runway that read: “GCDS Corp is your only God.”

Now, the only question is: when will GCDS start selling three-breasted bras?

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