3fap sex toy



Well, at least until we’re all boning robots.

Is your Fleshlight just not doing it for you anymore? Brian Sloan, the man behind the oral sex robot Autoblow 2 and the Web site Letsgasm, has got just the thing for you.

Utilizing those impressive credentials, Sloan is trying to raise money on Indiegogo to create the most complete sex toy that’s ever been created called 3Fap.

What is 3Fap I hear you asking? It is the first “3-in-1 male masturbator.” 3-in-1?! Yes, 3-in-1. Sloan says on Indiegogo, “With 3D scanned orifices and 3 holes to choose from, we’re changing fapping forever.”

Indeed they are.

Even if you purchased multiple products it’s impossible for you to use and enjoy those different orifices simultaneously. You’re are now stuck staring at only a single orifice for the entire duration of your masturbation session. Boring.

3Fap will change that by permitting flexibility in orifice choice in combinations that are more appealing than what is currently available. This is the first sex toy that will incorporate an individual female model’s mouth, vulva, and anus onto one product, allowing you to experience multi-orifice sex. 3Fap will allow users to switch from mouth to anus to vagina openings quickly and efficiently without the need to change 3Fap’s sleeve. We will, after launch, produce additional sleeves that include but are not limited to three vulvas, three mouths, three anuses and a variety of combinations.

But is there a video where I can see just how this amazing advancement in fapping technology will work? Damn right there is…

Did you hear that? “Put it in the butt, it’s tight and smooth! Put it in the vagina, it’s ribbed! Put it in the mouth, it’s a zig-zag pattern!”

Damn. Looks like we’re all set then. At least until those sex robots finally start hitting the market. So when is that going to happen again?

Throw Away Your Fleshlights Fellas, Some Mad Genius Is Creating The Only Toy You’ll Ever Need


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