Offensive: Tequila was kicked off Britain's Celebrity Big Brother last August following hundreds of complaints about her inclusion in the reality show after it emerged she'd posed as Hitler in front of Auschwitz in a photoshopped image she posted on social media in 2013

Checks under couch

Looks in cabinets

Digs through closet

Nope. Sorry guys, but it looks like Tila Tequila’s lost shit isn’t in my house. Is it in yours? Go check real quick. I’ll be waiting right here, reading through the slew of tweets Tila sent out in honor of her “true king” Hitler.

Normally I’d go on and give you more background information than just “Tila Tequila likes Hitler,” but that’s literally what this amounts to – she’s done stuff like this before, although claiming to have been Hitler in a past life is a new thing. Or maybe it’s not, I dunno. Do you really want to be reading the words of someone who actually pays attention to the sort of shit Tila Tequila pulls on a regular basis? I don’t think so.

Her hero: Tila Tequila took to Twitter to wish Adolf Hitler a happy birthday on Wednesday. The Nazi leader was born on April 20 1889 in Austria


Claimed magic powers: The glamour model and reality star described the dictator as 'my boo Hitler' in this tweet in which she also referenced the killings at concentration camps during World War Two

Cosmic connection: Tequila, 34, used this picture to claim she is linked to Hitler, whom she calls 'mein Furhor' and calls herself 'Hitila'

Apocalyptic: She shared this doctored photo of herself in Nazi cap, Hitler mustache and Swastika armband as she predicted the end of the world is nigh

“Was she hacked? Is this a prank? Did someone steal laptop and start posting nonsense on her Twitter account?” you ask as you read through these tweets. “There’s no way someone could be so deluded and insensitive.”

1. Yes there is
2. This isn’t a prank, hack, and to the best of my knowledge Tila has not had any personal property recently stolen

She’s just fucking delusional.


'Strong ties': Tequila also claimed to be the reincarnation of the Nazi dictator

Seeing the future: She claimed that a cataclysmic event will strike the Earth before the end of 2016

If this is Tila sober, that means drunk Tila must eat babies. Leave dishes in the sink for a week. Ding-dong-ditch the elderly with flaming bags poop.

The list goes on, just like these tweets:


Someone please help Tila. This isn’t funny and she’s clearly mentally unhinged…but not me. I’m not helping Tila. YOU help her, or if you don’t want to get near that train wreck of creature then find someone else. Shit ain’t my job.


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