Tom Brady Released A Hilarious ‘Suspect Board’ Of People He Thinks Might Have Stolen His Jersey

Tom Brady is not taking the theft of his Super Bowl LI jersey lightly.

Despite the fact that the Texas Rangers, the police and the NFL are already on the case, he went ahead and had someone create (no way he did this himself) his very OWN “suspect board” to try and track down the thief.

LET'S GOOOOO!!!… and help raise some money for the TB12 Foundation!!! Link in bio

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As you can see below, he is leaving no stone unturned and pretty much everyone is a suspect.


You’ve got, among others, Julian Edelman, Lady Gaga, the “Crab People” from South Park, Jaws, Swiper from Dora the Explorer, Gollum, the clown who stole Air Bud, and even that ultra-creepy courtroom sketch version of himself.

He evens pokes a little fun at the jersey being worth a reported $500,000.


It reads…

Hey @edelman11 “Ya suspect, yeah you! I don’t know what your reputation is in this town, but after that [email protected]?# you pulled, you can bet l’ll be looking into you!”

I don’t know who is doing Tom Brady’s social media these days, but they’ve been absolutely killing it.

Screw making a movie about the Patriots historic Super Bowl comeback, I want to see a film about this goddamn jersey and the epic adventure it’s been on the past few weeks.


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