Tomi Lahren Finally Gets A Glass Of Water Thrown In Her Face

Tomi Lahren Finally Gets A Glass Of Water Thrown In Her Face

If you don’t know who Tomi Lahren is, I’m very sorry for pulling you kicking and screaming out of the world of rainbows and smiles you currently live in and into my world of skinny blonde racists yelling. Tomi Lahren used to work for Glenn Beck, until she was fired for appearing on The View and saying women are people, a stark difference of opinion with the other writers at The Blaze. She’s now a contributor for Fox News who believe that she isn’t a racist despite comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan.

So when I heard that someone threw a drink in her face, my reaction was “How has this only happened once? How does Tomi Lahren even walk down the street without having to dodge drinks like Neo in The Matrix?”

The guy yelling “fuck that bitch” at Tomi’s mother is my spirit animal.

By the way, this was apparently a hip-hop themed brunch in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which are three things that go together exceptionally well. When i think of one of those things, my mind is automatically drawn to the other two, as if by magic.

Tomi Lahren getting a drink thrown in her face was a hot topic of discussion on Twitter, with all the intelligent users coming down on the side “This is good, actually.”

I agree with this general sentiment, honestly. Fuck that ho. Racist ass bitch.


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