It Took Eight Fishermen TWO HOURS To Reel In This 11-Foot-Long, 750-Pound Fish Estimated To Be 100 Years Old

A group of anglers fishing for sturgeon on the world famous Fraser River in British Columbia landed the fish of a lifetime. After a fight lasting over two hours, a fight that saw the anglers pass around the rod while taking turns fighting the fish, the men were able to land a true ‘river monster’ of a sturgeon.

When it was all said and done the fishermen had a sturgeon by the boat that measured an astounding 11.2-feet in length, and weighed 750-pounds (which for comparison is A LOT more than most of the Black and Blue Marlin caught worldwide).

Guided by Captain Steve Kaye, aka ‘The Sturgeon Hunter‘, the crew was able to land this fish estimated to be 100-years-old before letting it swim back into the river as sturgeon are strictly catch and release:


Capt Steve Kaye of took to Facebook with a picture of this fish and the story of the biggest sturgeon he’s caught in his entire career as a fishing guide:

Caught May 28, this Sturgeon was 11’2″ fork length, weighed approx 750 lbs and was easily over 100 years old! This is the biggest sturgeon caught on the Fraser River this season.
The giant Sturgeon was hooked at 2pm and was landed shortly after 4pm. On the initial first run the massive fish ran almost 200 yds and then jumped clear out of the water, it was an epic battle! This was a family affair with several generations in 2 boats.

This is the biggest fish of my 18 year guiding career. Both myself and the Clients were ecstatic about landing such an amazing River Monster!

Sturgeon are living dinosaurs. Worldwide there are 27 species of fish referred to as sturgeon, with the largest ever caught (back in 1827) weighing abso-fucking-lutely insane 3,463-pounds. That fish measured a whole 24-feet in length and was caught in the Volga Delta, the largest river delta in Europe which is located where Russia’s Volga River dumps into the Caspian Sea. If this 11.2-foot-long, 750-pound fish was estimated to be 100-years-old I cannot even begin to fathom how old that fish caught back in 1827 must’ve been…right?

For those of you interested in fishing for sturgeon on British Columbia’s Fraser River the captain that landed this dinosaur is currently running an ‘early season special‘, and for $645 you can put as many people in his boat as you can fit and go fishing for your own river monster.


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