Top 10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Pansexuals

Top 10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Pansexuals

Top 10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Pansexuals

For those who are yet unaware, the longstanding definitions and categories in terms of sexuality and gender roles are quickly changing. At the tail end of a time in which most identified as either gay or straight, we have officially reached a time in which other sexual classifications are becoming much more common. For instance, pansexuals, or those who do not limit their sexual choices based on biological sex, gender, or gender identity, are becoming much more common. In fact, did you know that many of your favorite celebrities identify as pansexual? If not, hold on to your seats! The following is a closer look at the top 10 celebrities that identify as pansexual.

10. Lady Gaga


An interesting soul that has captivated the hearts of many, Lady Gaga had the world’s attention since she was a rumored transexual belting out the melody to “Poker Face”. A woman who clearly has fun with the notion of sexuality, Gaga’s sexuality seems to be like Madonna’s on speed. With a slew of awe-inspiring visuals in her wake, Gaga has gone crazy kissing women, appearing in bed with homosexual males, far from a tramp, this lady has gone great lengths to bring about sexual liberation to an array of oppressed demographics. Although she is now happily engaged to her new love, Taylor Kinney, and seems to have taken a break from the music scene, one can only ponder on the ways in which her creativity and the need for sexual expression will collide in the future.

9. Madonna


This likely comes as no surprise, but one of the most sexually charged artists of our age, Madonna, identifies as pansexual. A sexually liberated icon for many who live so-called “alternative lifestyles”, Madonna is a proverbial pioneer in terms of helping to make labels such as pansexual more mainstream. No stranger to public displays of gender-bending, sexual affection, over the years, Madonna has shown the world first hand was it means to identify as pans.

8. Laci Green



A well-known blogger, sex educator, and activist, Laci Green caused quite a stir when she first released her video entitled, “I’m Pansexual?!”. Nevertheless, she has been instrumental in explaining this complex concept to those who don’t understand it. After jokingly admitting to having a love affair with pans, the young blogger explains that being pansexual simply means to be gender-blind. In other words, her, and those who think like her, choose their partners based on things outside of one’s assigned gender or gender identity.

7. Billie Joe Armstrong


The frontman of one of the most revolutionary long-lasting punk rock bands ever, Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green Day may be a surprising addition to this list for some of you. However, for those who are aware of the rebellious roots of this genre of music, it makes perfect sense that a leader of such a band would have such a stance on romance. Admitting that he doesn’t identify as gay, straight, or bisexual, this nonconforming, married, father of two has also been seen kissing male fans on the road.

6. Brooke Candy


A controversial rap artist who was inspired by Lil’ Kim, Brooke Candy is a relentless feminist who writes hard hitting tracks with equally powerful visuals. A woman who has openly identified as pansexual for quite some time. Candy is a powerful voice for the LBGT community. Outspoken about issues such as the legalization of both marijuana and the sex work industry, Candy is the daughter of the CFO of Hustler Magazine, which has helped to shape the way in which she views sex, sex work, men, and women as well as their respective roles in society.

5. Angelina Jolie


Likely another one that isn’t a shocker, well-known vixen, Angelina Jolie also identifies as pansexual. Over the years, she has played her share of provocative characters both on and off-screen. Fully encompassing the idea of gender fluidity in a few of her roles, she has shown that being confident in one’s preferences is what matters most. With some of the most notorious affairs under her belt (pun mildly intended), Jolie has dated women, older men, at least one married man, and has finally settled with a family of her own. Nevertheless, change seems to be the only constant with this starlet. Only time will tell where her urges and actions will ultimately land her.

4. Jazz Jennings



A well-known child vlogger/reality TV star, Jazz Jennings is transexual and proud. With an already massive following at just the age of 15, Jennings talks candidly about the troubles of being a trans child as well as the way in which she sees the world. An open pansexual, Jazz has stated that she does not see gender when searching for love or affection and is much more focused on who the person is inside.

3. Sophie B. Hawkins


A well-known songwriting legend, Sophie B. Hawkins is certainly seen as an advocate for the LGBT community. Since one of her first songs, “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover”, a song in which a straight woman lamented over not being able to date her homosexual friend, it became clear that this star views sexuality different from most people. Moreover, although she has been in a lesbian relationship for quite a while, she makes it very clear that she is a pansexual person who does not limit her love choices based on gender.

2. Angel Haze



A rapper/actress with an array of other slashes, Angel Haze is probably most well known for being Nev’s cute little Catfishsidekick on one of those “where’s Max” episodes. Clearly a caring and gentle soul, Haze has long since admitted that blurred lines between gender and sexual preferences are preferable to her. She feels that love is much more than a romantic feeling and asserts that it should be given and received freely, regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference.

1. Miley Cyrus


Lastly, one of the most controversial personalities of our time, Miley Cyrus is certainly no stranger to Blurred Lines. A former Disney child star, Cyrus has received significant backlash due to, what many parents perceived to be a confused young girl leading her followers off of a proverbial cliff. Either way, Cyrus has certainly been an advocate for the LBGT community and has been outspoken about her own views on sex and relationships. Pointing out that she doesn’t fit into or identify with the mainstream definitions of gender and/or sexuality, Cyrus promotes a world in which everyone is just free to be themselves.


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I specifically into attractive north Asian women aged 18-24 (ish).

Wait, maybe Miley has a point. Why should anyone have to apply a permanent sexual and gender label to themselves? Why do people’s feelings and preferences have to be summed up in a single word?

Lots of members of my extended family and therefore our circle of friends have preferences that aren’t plain vanilla straight and monogamous and the only thing that bothers me is seeing themselves pigeon hole themselves. One cousin on my wife’s side is … let’s just call her ‘unattractive’. Rather than call herself unlovable, she opted to call herself a lesbian and opted out of people asking her why she wasn’t married. OTOH, I don’t think she’s ever hooked up with a woman and i’m pretty sure she’s not yer typical lesbian. The label she gave herself has achieved nothing. She’s just confused by the world. I have another uncle who’s straight in front of our family, the media think he’s gay, his partner(?) has a wife and I get along with him because I honestly could not care what label I should apply to him. It’s not relevant unless the person want to be regarded as a certain gender, or is looking for a partner.

It’s all bullshit.

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