It’s pretty interesting that for those of us who work in an office, we spend almost as much time there as we do in our homes. Because of that, we are often forced into situations that are way more embarrassing than they would be if we were by ourselves or with loved ones where we live. There’s almost no way to avoid them, but that doesn’t make it any less humiliating. Here are the top 10 most embarrassing things we all do at the office.

#10 – Forget that you still have headphones on and try to walk away from your desk.
embarrassing office things, office embarrassment
It’s okay; we’ve all done it. This typically happens when you popped your earbuds in to watch a hilarious viral video, but then a couple minutes later the video is over and now you have to pee. The problem is, you never took your earbuds out. Get ready to feel like an idiot. The only thing slightly worse than this is thinking you have headphones on but you don’t, so you crank up “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors for an afternoon pick-me-up and everyone around you discovers that you are a fan of that terrible song.

#9 – Heat up some leftovers that stink up the whole office.
smelly fish, fish in microwave
Hey, how were you supposed to know that last night’s tuna casserole was going to be so pungent after a quick microwaving? At least you didn’t burn popcorn like Tom in accounting did last week, though. But still, you should be ashamed of yourself.

#8 – Answer an unexpected, way-too-personal call.
personal office phone call, will ferrell phone call
Guess what? You forgot to pick up your hemorrhoid cream yesterday. And now the pharmacy has called your work phone to remind you to come get it today. How are you going to end this call without letting Suzy in the cubicle next to you know that you have ass problems? By accidentally saying “I love you” to the pharmacist when you hang up, of course.

#7 – Have a conversation with your boss and realize afterward that there was food stuck in your teeth the whole time.
embarrassing office things, office embarrassment
Son of a bitch! And you thought he was chuckling at your witty references to “Office Space” and TPS reports.

#6 – Reply all when you only meant to reply.
reply all fail, reply all fail cats
Oh God, what have you done? There is no greater feeling of panic than realizing you just sent a dirty joke or snide comment meant solely for your office friend to the entire department and head of HR. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to suffer some embarrassment and not have to start looking for a new job.

#5 – Have your stomach growl so loudly that it sounds like a rabid cat is on the loose.
stomach growling meme, fry stomach growling
And it often doesn’t sound healthy. You literally have no control over this happening, but that doesn’t stop you from looking around in horror to see if anyone noticed when it does.

#4 – Get busted checking out a hot coworker.
office embarrassment, seinfeld cleavage meme
Look, there’s no other way to say this: Sometimes office attire can be sexy. But you have to have some self-control. If you are busted looking at a girl in the office’s butt or cleavage once, you better not let it happen again. Otherwise, your one-time embarrassment will escalate into a reputation of you being the office perv.

#3 – Blow your nose.
mr bean blowing nose, blow your nose funny
I don’t know why this is so embarrassing, but it is. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see people scurrying to far away corners of your building to secretly bury their noses in Kleenex. We all get snot and boogers up in there, but for some reason the removal process makes our faces red.

#2 – Click on a link your friend sent you while a coworker is walking by and it ends up being something extremely obscene.
embarrassing office things, office embarrassment
Never trust a link that comes from Tumblr. Never. I learned this the hard way (and yes, that is a pun about all the erect penises that were on my screen).

#1 – Fart loudly while taking a crap in the stalls.
embarrassing office things, office embarrassment
This is not a problem if nobody is in the restroom when you are. In fact, it’s actually quite funny then. The problem is, when you have to take an office shit, there is ALWAYS someone else in the bathroom. Usually in the stall right next to you. And for some reason, this makes us feel sheepish about taking a dump and what naturally happens when we do. It’s because of this that people (including myself) will attempt the fake toilet flush to create a loud noise that will cover up their farting. Now they can finally get some relief without the embarrassment that our human digestive systems cause us in the office restroom.





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