The Top 10 Hottest Twitch Girls


The Top 10 Hottest Twitch Girls

Twitch TV is massive. It gets over 100 million visitors a month – all people that are into gaming. But you already knew that. You watch Twitch TV because you like gaming. You like it a lot, maybe too much even.  But it doesn’t hurt that some of the ladies on there are kind of hot too,

I mean it really doesn’t hurt that some of the ladies are hot.

Every geek dreams of the girls on Twitch TV. They like gaming, and they also understand guys who do. They aren’t like some of the chicks at school, or at work, that treat you like a child because you are down with gaming. They are actually interested in it themselves. Oh, and also they are hot.

Hot girls, that are into gaming? Instead of leaving you home alone, or threatening to dump you because all you do is game, they want to hang out and game with you? How cool is that, right? Well, the answer to that question is that it is totally cool. So cool that some of these girls on Twitch TV are starting to get a huge following. And why wouldn’t they?  The thing with these chicks is, being hot isn’t enough. They have to know what they are into and walk it like they talk it because gamers don’t suffer fools gladly.

10. Skyasi


So let’s get this right out of the way. Minecraft just isn’t my thing. For reasons I won’t explain I was once around a bunch of teenage boys that played it all the time, and I mean constantly. I just don’t get it. What I do get, though, is why those same teenage boys would be so into Skyasi. She does make the whole Minecraft thing seem fun. Like most of these Twitch Girls she is more cute than she is sexy, but you have to remember who we’re dealing with here. A sexy woman would terrify your average Minecrafter. Skyasi is a doll, and those cheeks! When you look like she does, you can play anything you want.

9. Allinity


Allinity is the perfect way to start off this list. Want to check out some hot chick twerking and doing her thing on YouTube? Allinity has you covered. Want to check out some live streams of WoW? Well she has you covered there, too. The only thing that would make her better is if she did a segment on how amazing my PVP rogue is. Anyway, come for the dancing, stay to learn how to do that level up you’ve been trying to figure out for years.

8. DeerNadia


Are you into Hearthstone? Are you also into really cute chicks? Maybe ones that do a lot of Cosplay and pull it off like a pro?  Maybe throw in some great eyes and a cute body? Then seriously, this is your dream girl.  She competes for Team Archon in Hearthstone, her eyes are gorgeous, and she seems like a truly nice person. So with these qualities I wonder how many geeks out there are in love with her? Probably at least a few thousand.

7. ItsHafu


Hafu is not only totally cute and into gaming- she’s even a professional at it. This pro Blizzard gamer has been on the scene for quite a while now, and has focused on all of their products. As of late she has been mostly into Hearthstone. Hafu has a strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Instagram, and appears to be around to stay. Which is a good thing for all the dudes out there that need some eye candy with their gaming.

6. Sheever


Sheever is a caster, a streamer, a host and an interviewer for everything related to Dota 2, which is a free online multi-player battle game. I have never checked it out, but I have to admit that whole “free” thing sounds pretty cool. Sheever is Dutch, and like the rest of these girls, is very pretty while still being accessible and not too terrifying for the gamers of the world.  On her website she says:  “I live in The Netherlands, and I spend almost all my free time gaming. Next to all the gaming activities, which you can find on this site, I am a member of a sorority with whom I regularly meet up and go to parties.” So she is either gaming or going to parties with all her hot sorority friends.  Sign me up.

5. 2mgovercsquared


All right, well let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. The name is horrible. I mean I wasn’t liking “Sheever” a whole lot until I came across this one, but now it seems great. Maybe we should just stick to calling her by her other name, which is Ally, because at least I can pronounce that.  Anyway, she has a nice vibe, is funny, confident, knows her stuff, and is more than a little hot. All of which kind of makes up for the bad name. She is best known for GTA V, but gets around. When it comes to gaming, that is.

4. Legendarylea


Lea could easily have been higher on this list. She doesn’t even really have the gamer look going on. She is fashionable, adorable, and more than just a little bit hot. She is also firmly entrenched in the World of Warcraft scene, which makes her cool on my end of things. She did get banned for wearing questionable clothing at one point, which obviously makes her even hotter. So she is a gamer, seems cool, is totally hot, and sometimes dresses so trashy that she gets banned. Okay, she wins.

3. DizzyKitten


DizzyKitten has that look that all gamers love, or most of them anyway. She is kind of that girl next door that still might sneak out the window in the middle of the night and make out with you in the back of your car. I know, I am reading your mind. But for now, you will have to be satisfied with checking her out on Twitch TV. She seems genuinely cool and down to earth, which she has in common with most of the girls on this list. She even tries to respond in chat, most of the time, anyway.

2. Suushisam


Sam is so totally hot I almost feel bad for her. I mean she’s really going to roll around on Twitch TV talking about Chernarus and Minecraft looking like that? Seriously? She should be out at a club, not gaming all day. But with that said, that is exactly why these Twitch girls get so much love. They truly would rather be geeking out gaming then doing anything else, and how real they are is refreshing. Especially when they look so good. And without a doubt, Sam looks good.

1. ZombieUnicorn


ZombieUnicorn has it all going on if you are a gamer dude. Sexy? Oh yeah, she’s ridiculously hot. But she also has the pink hair and the ink on the arm, just to let you know, hey, she’s different too! Just like you are. Maybe you should ask her out? I’m sure you two would get along great. All right, sorry for teasing you. She won’t date you. Along with the hotness, she is goofy, and funny, and just plain old cool. She even does some singing here and there. She’s on the West Coast though, so if you want to catch her live, you’ll have to set your clocks to her. Not that you would mind, of course.


The Top 10 Hottest Twitch Girls


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Well I was doing alright until I got to 7 and read “This pro Blizzard gamer” and lost my shit. I couldn’t even get through the rest of the post because I was distracted laughing at that little gem.

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