Top 10 Huge Comic Book Movies You Need To See In 2016

Top 10 Huge Comic Book Movies You Need To See In 2016

2016 will be a huge year for a variety of things. The United States will have a new President by the end of the year and the Summer Olympics are back with new sports. However, if you’re a comic book nerd like we all seem to be these days, you know 2016 will be exciting for another reason.

It is the year that a ton of major superhero movies will make their way into theaters across the world. Some movies were expected years ago and are just now arriving. One was nearly a decade in the making. Then, you have others that you didn’t even know you wanted, but obviously do.

Marvel and DC Comics have both outdone themselves when it comes to the characters they have created over the years. Many of them have become household names. No one 30 years ago saw superhero films becoming as major as they would be today. You were lucky to get a Batman film or random superhero television show.

Today, we have several television shows and even some streaming shows to check out along with a superhero movie coming out every other month seemingly. Hollywood has periods of time where certain types of films are important. At one point, it was Musicals, then it was Westerns. Today, the comic book world rules and we are all invested in finding out what happens.

What makes the superhero television shows and movies so fun is that while they may follow the comics a great deal, they also take certain liberties that the comics did not. Whether it is for a good reason or not, things have changed in many superhero stories already. It makes us want to read more, but also watch. 2016 will be the year to watch, and we at The Richest wanted to give you a taste of what is coming and tell you just how important it is to see these films. These are 10 films you have to see in 2016:

10. Star Trek Beyond



You may be saying to yourself, “But TheRichest, Star Trek isn’t really a comic book!” Actually, it is. There have been comics on the popular show for some time, most of which were seen as successes. That said,Star Trek Beyond is set to be one of those can’t miss feature films of 2016.

Star Trek has truly made its way back to the world of cinema with the last two films. Both of which were seen as critical and financial successes. Beyond is the third installment in the comeback and many are hyping it up as the next big movie. Justin Linn, the director of the film, and Simon Pegg, one of the stars and screenplay writers of the film, claim we will get a fresh story.

The idea of this movie is that we won’t get a rebooted storyline, but rather something completely new and different from the last few that will hopefully appeal to a wider audience. The story will focus on the our Star Trek friends and their 5-year journey with the Enterprise, which allows us to maybe see a new story that we didn’t witness in another movie or television show. The cool part of this is the timeline material that they brought in on day one,  as the alternate timeline allows for differences to come about. Naturally, that allows for them to add new content over reboots because the timeline from the universe got changed up. It is sort of like what happened to the entire X-Men universe when they changed the timeline in Days of Future Past.

9. Dr. Strange



This movie is one that many have wanted to see for some time now. Marvel Studios were able to secure Benedict Cumberbatch to play the infamous doctor.

Most do not know who Doctor Strange is, but he happens to be a huge character in the Marvel Comics world. Weirdly enough, he has yet to be spoken about outside of a little mention in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Strange is sort of a wizard. No, not like Harry Potter. He’s far better than this. There have been various versions of his origin, but the most popular comes from the 1960s version of his comics. Strange was once a doctor, or surgeon to be more precise. He was quite a good one at that. The problem was, he knew it and had a huge ego. He only cared for himself and routinely turned down charity work in favor of money.

One day he was heading to meet a wealthy stock broker in hopes to make himself richer, when he was involved in a car accident. It was a wet day out and he didn’t pay attention to the conditions, causing him to drive off of a cliff. It was there that he realized the pain of others and felt true pain for the first time as he laid beside his totaled car, broken. Due to his accident, he developed nerve damage in his hands costing him his career as a surgeon. While he could have been a medical consultant, his ego couldn’t stand helping and not getting all the glory.

He spent his entire fortune trying to fix his hands before finally going broke and becoming homeless. One day he overhears people speaking of a Chinese wizard and healer who was called The Ancient One. He pawned all his remaining possessions so he could purchase a plane ticket to the Himalayas to find the wizard. After searching and being caught in a snow storm he finally happens across a temple where he opens the door to find The Ancient One.

It is a story that will blow your mind, depending on how the studio wants to handle it. The movie is set for November of 2016, so it is quite a long time from now that we will get to see it. However, it is one that will get you interested. Especially since Cumberbatch is playing Doctor Strange himself. Really, can we ask for better?

8. Assassin’s Creed: The Movie



While the name of the movie most likely will change before the rumored December 21, 2016 release date, you can expect Assassin’s Creed to be awesome. You may be asking, like before, how is it possible that a video game turned movie falls under the comic book world?

Like with Star Trek, Assassin’s Creed has a loyal comic book following as well that has been going on for a number of years now. In fact, the comics have gotten so popular that Ubisoft throws in some Easter eggs from the comics into the games and some characters have also floated over. Read them and go back and play the games, you’ll see it.

So what makes Assassin’s Creed a must see in 2016? First off, it is Assassin’s freakin Creed, what more do you need? Second, the Creed story is one that is built for the movie world. Michael Fassbender will be playing a man by the name of Callum Lynch who finds out that he is a decedent of the ancient Assassin’s Society.

He found out through unlocked genetic memories that allow him to relive the adventures of his ancestor named Aguilar, who is from 15th century Spain. After he gains knowledge from his ancestor, he uses the skills he has mastered in the present day against the current regime of Templars.

We don’t know much about the story after that, as they are just now filming the movie. They are expected to wrap it up in a couple months and we might get a trailer to go off of by the summer. This movie will be highly marketed, so expect to see a lot of advertising for it late next year.

7. X-Men: Apocalypse



The terrific X-Men have been in five movies now, not including random offshoot Wolverine movies. Each one has been interesting, but some have been suspect and went into directions we care to not talk about. The first Wolverine movie was fun, but it totally ruined many characters, including Wade Wilson, who we will talk about later.

The movie is setting up in an interesting way, where we are seeing both the young and old stars from the series. So the First Class actors will mix with the originals, which is exciting to see. How far they will go into things is unknown at this time, but we’re supposedly seeing them together in some way.

Apocalypse is obviously the villain in the movie. He will be a bit different than how the comic world treats him, but the same premise will be around. In this, he is said to be the first mutant and a destroyer of worlds. They are seemingly treating him as a God who helped to shape the world we see today. Now he is going to destroy the world and build a new one.

He will use four people to help him do so, which includes Magneto in the movie. The X-Men have to stop him before he can manage to destroy all that they know and love. It should be very fun seeing all of the X-Men work together as well as others joining just because.

While the movie is set to be one of the last X-Men movies for now, we can imagine that they will go all out. This makes the movie one that you don’t want to miss.

6. Suicide Squad



When it comes to the Suicide Squad, it is the first time you’re encouraged to really cheer for the bad guys. The Suicide Squad is made up of villains from across the DC Comics world. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and countless others happened to be in the squad at one time or another.

Why have a name like the Suicide Squad you may ask?

They are called the Suicide Squad because they are sent on almost impossible missions where it seems suicidal to even attempt to execute the plan.

Since the group is made up of bad people, one would imagine that this allows the government to use the villains for their worth and if they die, well, that’s one less bad guy to deal with. They are told that if they do as asked, it will take time off of their sentences, but that’s only if they survive the missions they are on….which are all top secret.

The squad is led by a woman named Amanda Whaler, who works for the government and is a big fan of going outside of the rule book. She implants a bomb in the heads of all members of the squad that can go off at any time she chooses. If you disobey an order, do not do as she wants exactly, or even give her an answer too late….she’ll take you out. This is said to be the only way she controls the Suicide Squad.

In the comics, Batman is traditionally against the Suicide Squad being used. He is commonly seen with them, not so much as an ally but as a chaperon in a way. This movie will be the first time we see the new Joker, played by Jared Leto. We’ll also get to see the new Batman, Ben Affleck, in this movie.

The movie looks to be great and is set to hit theatres in August, 2016. This is far too long away to wait, but sadly we must. This past year’s Comic-Con had the team only spend a couple minutes with everyone before they had to go back to filming. We can expect them to all have a huge role in the event this year.

5. Gambit



Gambit happens to be one of the most popular people in the X-Men world, but he has yet to really be used properly in any of the X-Men movies. He did make an appearance in The Wolverine movie, which was panned by many, but he has yet to be used in the films that made the most sense for him. Gambit is one of the biggest stars of the entire world because of how different he is, but also because of his voice, actions, and powers.

Gambit basically has a great list of skills that include kinetic conversion and acceleration, static generation, martial arts skill, acrobatics, transmutation of substances into acid or poison, disintegration and card imprisonment and skilled card-throwing ability.

The entire reason for a solo movie with him is not really known, as most feel that while Gambit is popular, he is not an essential character in the entire X-Men series like Wolverine or Xavier. On top of this, no one really knows of him in the film world, so using him without introducing him to the people is risky.

He is normally known as an anti-hero, where he steals or hunts bounties for the highest bidder. He loves to gamble, and wins a lot. Sometimes a bit too much, which gets him into trouble. Before he joins the X-Men, Gambit is not really seen as a great person, but always has a heart that proves he is a good person underneath it all.

While known as Gambit, his real name is Remy LeBeau, a Louisiana native who walks and talks the ways of the streets of New Orleans. He is being played by Alabama boy Channing Tatum in the movie. The Gambit accent and actions are essential to the character and many want to make sure that is captured in the film. While the movie is currently set for a November 2016 release, the story for Gambit is unknown at this time. However, it can be assumed that he will try to steal something he does not know the power of, and he’ll run into some people from the X-Men films that help him change his ways. We will have to wait and see, however.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2



Just like with some others on this list, you may not realize that the Turtles actually started in the comic book world first, before they ever made it to the big screen. While all Turtles fans feel like the original series of movies were awesome and we’d love to see those types of turtles over the new at times, it does seem that the new version is pretty cool.

Megan Fox is back as April, and Casey Jones will be part of this movie, played by Arrow star Stephen Amell. The Turtles find themselves in yet another pickle as they have to save the city yet again from another major threat. We get Bebop and Rocksteady back, not just as the people they are to start with, but also as the CGI animals we all wanted to see. This is far superior to how they were used in the former series.

With the addition of Amell and the returning Fox, the Turtles will have a cast that will surely deliver. The last movie was very good and it does appear that the team wants to kill it this summer, and they just might do so.

3. Deadpool

via idigitaltimes.con


The movie that has made the most buzz lately has to be Deadpool with its now confirmed R-rating. This is a huge thing for a superhero movie, as all major superhero movies have stayed anywhere between PG and PG-13. You never see higher than this due to the wide appeal of the superhero world. You want families to come, so you cannot cut off a large portion of the audience. However, due to Deadpool always being heavily violent as well as crass and adult-oriented, they had to stay true to the comic.

The cool part is that Deadpool will draw people in regardless. Ryan Reynolds brings Deadpool to life and allows us to see the Merc with a Mouth in a way that makes sense. Having Deadpool played by anyone else just wouldn’t make sense. Everyone loves the casting choice for this.

We first saw Reynolds in this role years ago in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine story. It was great to see that Marvel allowed us to witness what Deadpool was capable of, at least in a small way. The problem was that they didn’t do him the justice we all felt was needed. The ending especially was disappointing to Deadpool fans who felt that they were seeing a thrown together version of what Deadpool was.

It looks like Marvel is sort of erasing that part of Deadpool’s life, as Deadpool will be more like his comic book version. Also, his mouth will not be closed. It is unknown if there will be any real tie-in with Wolverine but there are some X-Men tie-ins if you look close. They are also allowing him to have the powers he did beforehand.

We are also supposed to be getting jokes about several superheroes either directly or indirectly, as we saw in the trailer about Wade Wilson asking if they could make sure his superhero suit was not green. This of course plays on the role from the critically panned Green Lantern movie which Reynolds starred in with his now-wife Blake Lively.

This movie, though Rated R, is sure to get people talking in February 2016. This past year men, you took your girlfriend or wife to see 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day. It is now time that she returns the favor and takes you to see Deadpool on Valentine’s Day in 2016. V-Day is the 14th and Deadpool comes out February 12. Really guys, it is like God wants it to happen.

2. Captain America: Civil War



In Captain America: Civil War, we’re set to see a lot of superheroes from the Marvel Universe show up. This is set to be where we start to see sides taken between the good guys that will eventually lead to, well, a civil war.

The comic introduces this in a very interesting way. The Shield wants all superheroes to register with them, and there are some who aren’t happy about this. Basically, following the events of The Age of Ultron movie, the government wants to regulate all superhuman activity. Normally a guy that plays by the books, one would think that Captain America would be all for it. However, as we saw from the last solo Captain America movie, the government cannot be fully trusted…especially with secrets on superheroes. On top of this, you never want to regulate saving the world.

Iron Man, normally against playing by the rules and one who tends to find every way around them, is actually FOR the registration. Of course, neither man has many secrets to the world….but both have different philosophies on how things should work. This leads to factions forming, those for and those against. This among many other things leads to an eventual battle between the beloved superheroes.

This movie is set to bring back all from the Age of Ultron movie and more. Black Panther will be involved for the first time and Spider-Man is set to make an appearance in some way. In the comics, he tries to play peace keeper between everyone. Eventually he fails at this. We will see a lot of new superhero movies before the Infinity War movies, but the major deal here is that Marvel will have to set up a ton of things in Civil War that you may not see coming if you don’t know the original story. Civil War is set to hit theaters on May 6, 2016 and it will be a can’t-miss affair.

1. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice



The next chapter in the Man of Steel franchise happens to be a crossover movie. We all know that Batman and Superman were at odds a few times in the comics, but specifically, they fought. The premise of the movie is simple, can we trust a man that has the kinds of powers that Superman has? Sure, he helped us before, but what if he chooses to use his powers for evil?

Lex Luther believes that someone needs to put an end to Superman for true evil doesn’t come from the ground, it comes from the sky. Batman is sent into a rage following the last movie, Man of Steel.Apparently Gotham and Metropolis are fairly close in this world, as a result, Gotham gets some damage from the major devastation caused between Zod and Superman in their fight.

From the preview, we see Bruce Wayne holding a little girl who may have lost her parents from the devastation. We also see what appears to be a building behind him with his name on it, after it appears that it fell during the fight between Superman and Zod. Batman realizes that he must take out Superman or at least find out how to stop him if needed. Superman also sees the dangers of Batman, and feels that someone needs to put a stop to his vigilante ways.

The story is not just about these two. The Joker is set to make an appearance and Lex Luther is set to be a central figure as well. The true villain is up in the air, but it is thought that Luther is behind the true evil going on. Although we do know that Doomsday will be involved. Wonder Woman is set to make an appearance in this movie, but what brings her in is not yet known.

Who will win between Batman and Superman? Or can there really be a winner? This and more will be answered in Dawn of Justice.


Top 10 Huge Comic Book Movies You Need To See In 2016

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