February is known as the month of love. All around the world, people come together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For Playboy, the month is showered with beautiful women who have posed naked over the years. And as Playboy shuts its doors to the naked female figure, we would be remiss if we didn’t look back fondly and find the greatest and best that Playboy has to offer during this month. We’ve painstakingly scoured the Playboy archives for the most beautiful women of February. It’s time to honor these Valentine beauties.

Playboy’s Top 10 Girls Of February. Drum roll…and enjoy!

10. Heather Rene Smith – 2007


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If you wonder how Heather Rene Smith dawned the cover of Playboy, just check out her 34D/24/34 spread and you can immediately see how this blonde, born in Salinas, California, nabbed her Playboy gig. A former Miss California, Smith used to compete as a gymnast which helped her stay in amazing shape. She has always had a lot of energy and even showcased an amazing side split on a balance beam for her Playboy shoot. She has appeared multiple times in Playboy along with dropping numerous other modeling gigs.

9. Kayslee Collins – 2015


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Kayslee Collins was the choice for 2015. This stunning blonde beauty sports amazing blue eyes. Her hometown of San Diego, California is no stranger to beautiful women, but Collins easily stands out from the crowd. With her hourglass figure, Collins was a modeling pro prior to landing her Playboy gig. She appeared in over 25 commercials prior to getting her Playboy gig. Collins was featured in Galore Magazine and was named by Esquire as one of its “Women We Love on Instagram.” Also prior to being a Playmate, Collins appeared in a huge H&M marketing campaign that had her image go global.

8. Anka Romensky – 2002

via www.ebay.com

via www.ebay.com

This Ukrainian beauty is no slouch, standing an impressive 5’10”. When she was just 10-years-old her family emigrated to Florida to seek a better life. Born September 16, 1980, this Ukrainian blonde bombshell dawned the cover of Playboy in February 2002. With her striking blue eyes, this Kiev native proudly displays her sleek sexy body. Romensky isn’t just a pretty face either. She was studying business and marketing in college when she took a break from college to model. She also works in real estate as a “hobby.” Combined with modeling and dabbling in real estate, Romensky enjoys blowing off steam by hitting South Beach and ordering up champagne and partying and dancing until 5 in the morning. Then, she and her friends hit the beaches in their swimsuits and sleep all day in the sun. Sounds very nice, Anka. We’ll gladly take an invite to that party.

7. Aliya Wolf – 2004


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Miss February 2004, Aliya Wolf is a busty beauty who has one of the most eclectic backgrounds of any of the women on this list. Born in Stephenville, Texas, Wolf’s background is a German-Native American, 50/50 split. With dark hair, blue eyes and a 34E bust and only a 24 inch waist, Wolf stands out wherever she goes. Wolf put her amazing body on display at the age of 19 when she started modeling and was named Miss Houston USA in 1994. She even was a spokesmodel on the classic show Star Search. Now married with children, Wolf has settled down and loves to be surrounded by her family and the horses on her ranch. She also rocks an impressive Harley Davidson and gets out for a ride every now and then.

6. Jessica Burciaga – 2009


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Jessica Burciaga landed the 2009 cover. At just 5’2,” Burciaga is one of the shorter women on the list. With a 34C bust and 24-inch waist, this tiny beauty loves to show off her sexy goods. Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, Burciaga is no stranger to hitting the sand in her bikini. Burciaga wanted to be in broadcast journalism before her brother entered her in a contest and she ended up modeling in Stuff Magazine and Maxim. Shortly after, Playboy came calling and she ended up nailing the cover. She has since modeled in many other magazines sporting her dark smoldering physical attributes highlighted by her Mexican and European descent.

5. Leola Bell – 2012



Leola Bell defines the word “busty.” Sporting an impressive pair of 35Ds with just a 23 inch waist and 36 hips, the term hourglass was pretty much created for Bell. This beautiful woman grabbed the February 2012 cover of Playboy and for very good reason. Born in Rockville, Maryland, Bell is tremendously impressive. Raised by a Minister, Bell always had aspirations of being a model but her upbringing prevented her from even wearing make-up. Playboy was the last thing on her mind. But once she moved to Miami at the age of 18 for college, she easily landed a gig as a bikini model. Bell wanted to be a part of a Playboy Golf event in Miami and they happily welcomed her through the doors. Upon seeing her, Playboy reps couldn’t resist offering her an opportunity for a cover and she excitedly accepted. Despite being religious, her parents did support her and Bell got to live out her dream as a model.

4. Shawn Dillon – 2013


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Shawn Dillon is a stunning looker. This native Floridian was raised in Sarasota and has lived along the Florida coastline all her life. With her blonde hair and beautiful looks, Dillon has spent most of her life at the beach. She loves to go scuba diving as well as fishing, surfing and wakeboarding. She has won swimsuit competitions from the Bahamas all the way to Las Vegas. Modeling is a dream Dillon always wanted to achieve. She started modeling in high school in bikinis and has been doing so ever since. Dillon isn’t as busty as some, but she has a beautiful tight figure that seems to impress nearly everyone. Her amazingly beautiful facial features make her stand out of any crowd.

3. Kylie Johnson – 2011


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With an impressive body (32D/25/25), Kylie Johnson knows how to flaunt her stuff. This tiny brunette package packs quite a punch. She is sexy and sleek with tattoos rarely seen on Playboy Playmates. With both German and African-American heritage, Johnson sports an interesting background that has only added to her intriguing beauty. Born in Fort Ord, California, Johnson and her family made the trek across the US and she was raised in upstate New York. This self-proclaimed “metalhead” (Johnson loves to rock out) enjoys listening to groups such as: As Blood Runs Black, Miss May, and Despised Icon. In 2010 Johnson caught the eye of Playboy and was awarded the February 2011 cover.

2. Heather Rae Young – 2010


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Heather Rae Young is another California native on this list, hailing from Anaheim, CA. Young appeared on the February 2010 cover and this blonde did not disappoint. Barely over 100 pounds with a 32C bust, Young stands out right away. Young grew up in Running Springs, Calif and has always dreamed of being a model. Young was working as a licensed aesthetician when she received word about a 55th Anniversary casting call at the hallowed Playboy Mansion. She took a chance and went. It was like a whirlwind of excitement as Hef and his staff couldn’t resist Young and she was given a cover. Now, Young is a very successful model and is living out her dream.

1. Amber Campisi – 2005


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It’s difficult not to be impressed upon first sight when seeing Amber Campisi. In 2005, she dawned the February cover of playboy. With 36DD breasts, Campisi isn’t one that can hide in crowds. She is a busty dark-haired beauty from Dallas, Texas. Her curvaceous body is nothing short of impressive. Campisi was working in her father’s Italian restaurant when she learned about Playboy’s 50th Anniversary calls for beautiful women. She was urged to try out and she took the shot. Campisi killed it and got the cover gig. Afterwards, Campisi proudly went back to her job of helping run her family’s restaurant business. In addition to her looks, Campisi’s personality scores off-the-charts. Despite doing some modeling and dabbling in acting, Campisi is a business-minded girl at heart and was set to take over her family’s 50-year-plus business. She is the first woman to run the family’s business.



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