Top 12 Hottest Car Wash Scenes In Movie History

Top 12 Hottest Car Wash Scenes In Movie History

There are a few easy ways to get crowds of men into theaters. Guns are one. Put enough gunshots in a movie and dudes will line up around the block. It used to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, but today it’s Liam Neeson putting rounds in European dirtbags while searching for his daughter. Guns and violence can put guys in seats like few other things.

Cars are another great way to get dudes to buy tickets. There is a reason the Fast and Furious franchise has been so successful and it isn’t Vin Diesel‘s acting. The story invariably includes a few decent looking women along with some fast vehicles and the sky is pretty much the limit. But take note, that no matter what, women are pretty much required.

It is the simplest way to get males to do anything. Whether you want us to drink a certain beer, buy a certain car, see a certain movie, putting a pretty female face somewhere around a product is the way to go. Movies are much the same, and casting a star like Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johanssen is a quick and simple way to fill theaters around the world. What to do with them once they are in the movie? Well, that’s easy, and one of the best ways to show off a great looking babe (or a couple of them) in a movie is the ever-popular car wash scene.

Here is our list of the best of these in the history of film.

12. The Bikini Carwash Company

We had to start with this movie for two reasons. The first is to get it out of the way because this 1992 “comedy” is a truly awful movie. The second is that it is a film that was actually created on the basis of this type of iconic scene.

But let me repeat, the movie was terrible. Car wash shop owner Jack, falls on hard times so several women decide to jazz up his operation by getting soaped up, half naked and putting suds on rides. It was sexy, no doubt, but the movie was just a poor overall production.

11. Cool Hand Luke

1967’s Cool Hand Luke is an amazing prison themed flick featuring Paul Newman, one of the greatest actors of all time, as an inmate who flat out refuses to submit to the authority of life behind bars. It may well be the first of the sexy car wash scenes in movie history.

While Luke (Newman) and his fellow convicts are working one day, a gorgeous southern blonde struts up to a vehicle on a nearby property and seductively douses the car and herself with soapy water. Even to this day, this is an incredible example of the original scene getting it right.

10. Wild Things

Back in 1998, we were treated to a nearly x-rated sex fest known as Wild Things. Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon,Neve Campbell and Denise Richards were the stars and Richards was the subject of the sexy car wash scene. This is one scene in which we can all see why Denise Richards is possibly the hottest actress of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Charlie Sheen is a lucky man. Well, not the luckiest man, seeing as he now has HIV, but he’s seen Denise Richards in person with nothing on, and that’s a life achievement in and of itself.

Back to the scene however, it’s pretty standard. Two hotties are washing a Jeep, spraying each other with water, giggling and having a delightfully naughty time.

9. Bad Teacher

In this 2011 “gem”, iconic beauty Cameron Diaz plays the kind of teacher we all wish we had in middle and high school. She’s a gold-digging, drunk, pot-smoking blonde with a great body. In this troublingly amazing scene, a few children have set up a car wash, and Elizabeth (Diaz) shows up in a characteristically sexy outfit to help out, even though she just wants to put the money toward a boob job.

The results are about as hot as Cameron Diaz has ever been on screen. This movie was by no means anything special in terms of comic genius or film-making itself, but this scene was worth the price of admission.

8. Bring it On

If you want a brief synopsis of the Bring it On series of “films” it is this: some people take cheerleading seriously and hot women can be b*tches. That’s it, there really isn’t much to know, and if you were looking for a movie with acting, writing and a plot worth sitting through, go elsewhere; run, don’t walk.

But if you’re a middle aged father with a pre-teen daughter, maybe this is a good movie for the two of you to watch together. She’ll enjoy the brain-dead acting and age-appropriate plot, and you’ll enjoy the half naked cheerleaders. Oh, and there is a car wash scene. Kirsten Dunst and a couple of her fellow pom pom shakers (including Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union) wash a few cars in bikinis. It was the only watchable part of the movie.

7. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Despite the fact that we’re nearly sure that she doesn’t read our publication, we’d like to extend a “congratulations” to Cameron Diaz for being the only woman featured on this list twice. If you liked her scene in Bad Teacherthis one is marginally better, if only because she is joined by co-stars Lucy Liu andDrew Barrymore. Much like a few (not Cool Hand Luke, it was amazing for its time and to this day) of these other movies, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was nothing special. It was a poorly calibrated re-hash of a great 70’s era series that turned into a vehicle for a few sexy scenes involving Diaz, Liu and Barrymore. However, if seeing those three kick @ss and look hot is all you’re looking for, go no further. Skip all the way to the end for this car wash scene because it takes place during the credits, to the tune of Journey’s Anyway You Want It.

6. Date Movie

This atrociously sub-par romantic comedy parody made decent money at the box office, but is widely considered to be a pretty poor flick overall. It poked fun at dozens of movies and shows from The Lord of the Rings to The Bachelor, and while the rom-com genre is ripe for ridicule, Date Movie was an overall disappointment.

Sophie Monk was memorable however, as she had a scene that involved diving into a pool, followed by her doing things such as operating a jackhammer, eating corn on the cob, washing a car (of course), eating a cheeseburger, and then…washing that same Rolls Royce…with another cheeseburger.

5. One Night at McCool’s

This 2001 “comedy” featured Liv Tyler as Jewel, and detailed her exploits through the eyes of three very different men, played by Matt Dillon, Paul Reiser and John Goodman. It’s an interesting flick with a decent premise, but the best part was, without any shadow of a rational doubt, Liv Tyler’s car wash scene. She wore a sexy purple dress, soaped herself up, got soaking wet and scrubbed an old piece of garbage (I think it was an early or mid 90’s Pontiac?), with plenty of panty shots.

4. The Dukes of Hazzard

While the early 2000’s remake of the 1970’s television show was nothing compared to the original, it was good for a few cheap laughs, some nostalgia and of course, Jessica Simpson as Daisy. The girl couldn’t identify tuna or chicken, didn’t have much in the way of acting chops, and briefly destroyed Tony Romo, but aside from all that, she rocked a pair of cut-off jeans and a short plaid shirt like few others could. While I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the movie, the car wash scene, which was released as part of a promotion for it was a true gem, even according to many of those who disliked everything else.

So to be fair, yes, this was not in the movie, but it was a scene with Jessica Simpson washing a charger, what’s not to like?

3. The House Bunny

The House Bunny is a tale about a former Playboy bunny, played by Anna Faris, who accepts a job as the house mom for an awkward and generally disliked sorority after getting the boot by Hugh Hefner. The movie is pretty funny, but like most comedies made in the last fifteen years, the humor is crude and simple, so if you’re reading an article about soaking women washing cars, this may be the flick for you.

The car wash scene is not what you’d imagine. It’s more awkward than anything, but Anna Faris is in pink, showing off most of what she has, and that makes for a pretty great scene. It’s pretty much icing on the cake of what is already a half decent movie.

2. All American Bikini Car Wash

Much like our first entry back up at the start of the list, this film couldn’t have been any simpler. A charismatic moron agrees to run a car wash business for his college prof to avoid failing a course. Boom, there it is. He hires a few sexy women and poof, we have a movie. There are a few notable car wash scenes in this one, as one can imagine, and all are pretty great. The actresses, while they are essentially nobodies, are hot nobodies.

It’s low budget, none of the acting will ever win an Oscar, the jokes are cheap and easy, but if you’re not going to overthink the whole thing, it’s a fun watch.

1. Mastizaade

This movie isn’t officially out yet, as per the time of writing, and unless you’re familiar with the Bollywood scene (you should be, you’re missing out) you’d probably never even hear of it. It stars a wonderful woman who used to go by the name of Sunny Leone. She was born in Canada, of Indian ancestry and moved to the United States, going on to make her name as one of the exotic beauties of the adult film business.

These days she primarily acts in Bollywood productions and while this movie hasn’t been released yet, her car wash scene has been leaked to the public and it is absurdly sexy.


Top 12 Hottest Car Wash Scenes In Movie History

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