Top 15 Hottest Women Named Maxim’s Sexiest Women Of The Year

Top 15 Hottest Women Named Maxim’s Sexiest Women Of The Year

Despite launching in the United Kingdom in 1995,  it wasn’t until the turn of the millennium that the famed Maxim Top 100 list came to fruition.

A list that counted down the most attractive and coveted women of the year, this particular list featured a whole host of beautiful entities from the world of entertainment. Pop stars, movie stars and television personalities would all be included in this who’s who of stunning women.

Rivaled only by the FHM sexiest women in the world list on an annual basis, the Maxim Top 100 is certainly one that troves of men head to each and every year as the number one spot is revealed to the world. Sparking much debate within the male community, it’s a tough task for the staff at Maxim and readers to undertake, but someone’s got to do it!

While this year will undoubtedly be contested by plenty of stars who have been in the spotlight – for one reason or another – what better way to celebrate 15 years of the list than to look back at those past winners and revel in their unique beauty.

Such names on the list pave the way for yet more women looking to make their mark on the celebrity stage, but lest we forget the chances of a former winner retaining their crown. After all, one particular previous victor has held the title twice – so is it a newbie or someone we’re all familiar with set to take this year’s spot at the pinnacle?

15. Taylor Swift – The Good Girl


Described as the most talented and relevant woman by Maxim, it came as no surprise that none other thanTaylor Swift topped their list in 2015.

A woman who is seen by millions as an idol, and beloved by men as a woman who is literally someone to worship, this world-beating country singer just goes from strength to strength.

With a list of former suitors that would make any woman blush, Swift not only draws in crowds with her extreme musical skills, but also her pure and natural beauty.

Don’t be surprised to see her topping the list for years to come either.

14. Bar Refaeli – Israel’s Finest


As far as models from Israel go, there is nobody more coveted than the stunning Bar Refaeli. Gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2009, Refaeli has forever been a force to be reckoned with and finally got her Maxim crown in 2012.

Incredibly photogenic and uber-talented, Refaeli has since gone on to star on an incredible number of fashion magazine covers, manage her own fashion company, and even hosts the Israeli version of The X Factor.

13. Katy Perry – She Kissed A Girl And Liked It


Two years after she declared that she’d kissed a girl and she rather liked it, Katy Perry stormed to victory in 2010’s Maxim Top 100.

A pop star who is rarely shy, flaunting her incredible figure whenever she can, Perry beat Sports Illustrated’sBrooklyn Decker and film star Zoe Saldana to the top spot – tough competition to fend off indeed.

Perry is literally on top of the world with an amazing pop career and a successful tour. In fact, she was recently named the top earning performer for 2015.

12. Estella Warren – The Canadian Beauty


The only Canadian to have ever held the number one spot in Maxim’s list, actress Estella Warren was in fact the very first winner of the Maxim 100. The Sports Illustrated model-turned-actress turns heads in a year that featured a whole host of potential winners.

The former Canadian national team synchronized swimmer fended off competition from the likes ofAmerican Pie stunners Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth, while a young Christina Aguilera fell short of this blonde bombshell.

Since her victory, Warren has starred in films such as Driven and Tim Burton‘s Planet of the Apes, and starred in advertising campaigns for Victoria’s Secret.

11. Jennifer Garner – The One Who Beat Beyonce


No wonder Ben Affleck swept her off her feet all those years ago, as Jennifer Garner proved she was the envy of men all over the world when winning Maxim’s top spot in 2002.

Hot off her leading performances in J.J. Abrams‘ Alias, and the wacky comedy Dude Where’s My Car?, Garner leaped Beyonce to the number one post in yet another strongly contested year.

Unfortunately for Garner, she’s not been near that number one spot since, but we’ll still appreciate her for both her beauty and acting talents.

10. Jessica Simpson – Daisy Duke Never Looked So Good


While we hear more about her private life than that of her actual professional career these days, there was a time when Jessica Simpson was one of the sweethearts of popular culture and turned heads everywhere she went.

It was, therefore, no surprise when in 2004 she took the crown on Maxim’s list. Having induced the power of addiction on the MTV audiences with her Newlyweds show, the combination of this blonde’s model look and her quirky personality clearly worked wonders.

She would soon follow her Maxim victory with a very provocative and memorable music video to accompany her appearance in The Dukes of Hazzard. Daisy Duke never looked so good…

9. Lindsay Lohan – Mean Girl

Oh Lindsay, where did it all go wrong?

Remember those days when Lindsay Lohan provoked thoughts of both optimism for her acting abilities and those in which men everywhere swooned over her at the sight of that Christmas outfit in Mean Girls?

Well, those days seem to be well and truly gone after many stints in rehab and alleged plastic surgery gone rather awry. We therefore have to look back as far as 2007 to find Lohan topping the list for Maxim.

Mean Girls had already cemented thoughts of Lindsay in our heads and she was beginning to move away from the spotlight of her Disney image – it’s just a shame that this would eventually see her fall from grace and hurtle into a world of drugs and alleged criminal activity.

8. Olivia Wilde – Wild With Beauty


Jason Sudeikis is one very lucky guy…

The woman who had us pressing rewind when she showed off her lesbian tendencies in the O.C. all those years ago finally found herself atop of Maxim’s finest in 2009.

A woman whose fine beauty, stunning community work and fine acting skills make her the real deal, Wildehas since gone on to considerable success in various film projects and remains a solid bet in being included even in today’s list.

7. Miley Cyrus – The Wrecking Ball

Say what you like about Miley Cyrus and her recent life choices, guys still completely dig her, and that’s why she topped the list in 2013.

Beating fellow pop stars Selena Gomez and Rihanna to the top spot, Cyrus fought off her competitors in a period that saw her go from Hannah Montana to full-blown adult.

We’ve watched her tackle that “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop” looking at her twerking. While Liam Hemsworth may have been questioning his stance with her, plenty others out there were waiting and willing to replace him.

6. Christina Aguilera – Good Girl Gone Bad


When you’ve had a year in which you’ve drastically re-imagined yourself and sold your character with a provocative edge, then it would appear that glory beckons.

In 2013, pop princess Christina Aguilera left behind her squeaky-clean image and donned very little for her “Dirty” music video that set the world alight. Such a drastic change in direction for Aguilera saw her at the top of the industry’s food chain once more.

5. Candice Swanepoel – The Blonde Bombshell


As we gear up for yet another array of beauty from this year’s Victoria’s Secret show, let us join in appreciation for one its finest models – 2014’s Maxim victor, Candice Swanepoel.

Provoking thoughts of everything wonderful about South Africa, this blonde vision of angelic proportions stormed to the top of the list having been declared the ‘alpha angel’ of the VS models.

Donning the famous jeweled Royal Fantasy Bra, Swanepoel will forever hold our attention whenever she walks that catwalk.

4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – Victoria’s Secret Veteran


Ensuring that Swanepoel isn’t the only Victoria’s Secret model to have held the title, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley actually claimed the top spot in 2011.

Jason Statham‘s squeeze found herself the object of mass desire when she was presented as one of the Angels of her famous fashion brand, as well as replacing Megan Fox as the object of desire in Michael Bay‘s Transformers franchise.

Ultimately, Huntington-Whiteley’s rise to fame would continue and you won’t go far these days without seeing her on a billboard or in a famous magazine.

3. Marisa Miller – One Of The Greats


Seemingly an ever-present in Maxim’s annual list, Marisa Miller is yet another victor whose past credentials as a model have seen her as the face of both Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated.

Cementing herself in Maxim history in 2008, Miller took on the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, proving that models really are the best of the best.

2. Jessica Alba – Maxim’s Youngest Sexiest Woman Alive


Few women can boast the number of appearances that Jessica Alba has made in Maxim’s Top 100. A seemingly ever-present woman on the list, it’s hard to deny that Alba is close to perfection in terms of what the ultimate woman is.

Having left us in awe of her through the years in various films, Alba even looks in superb condition following childbirth. This woman is seriously the real deal.

Her victory came in 2001, for which she still holds the records as the youngest ever winner, at the age of just 20.

1. Eva Longoria

Source: Maxim

The number one spot can only be held by one and it would be outrageous to oust Eva Longoria from taking full glory in our Maxim rundown, if only for the fact that she is the only woman to be victorious for two consecutive years.

In fact, Longoria’s victories in 2005 and 2006 mean that she is the only person to have ever won the magazine’s poll multiple times.

The American actress mostly gained attention for her turn as Gabrielle Solis in the hugely popular Desperate Housewives, moving on to various film roles and forever posing as a figure of much envy for people all over the world.



Top 15 Hottest Women Named Maxim’s Sexiest Women Of The Year

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