Top 15 Weirdest Habits Of Popular Celebrities


We all have secrets. It’s a known fact to everyone who has ever confided in someone. These secrets have the capability to make us or break us, but in some cases, they’re simply just embarrassing. Celebrities, for example, who work harder than others to keep their secrets hidden, have a hard time once they are exposed to the public.

Most of these secrets are usually bad habits that have surfaced, thanks to celebrities talking about them, or the facts being leaked to the public. And with the amount of secrets circulating around Hollywood, it’s no wonder the public learns eventually. However, these habits show that celebrities are just like us and human in every way.

From Brad Pitt to Ke$ha, everyone has a deep secret to hide about themselves. Listed here are fifteen of the weirdest celebrity habits that are known to the public. Some are considered shocking, while others don’t seem that much of a surprise, and we might even do the bad habit ourselves.

15. Brad Pitt, No Soap


There exists a great variety of celebrities that have left lasting impressions on us, and one of those actors is Brad Pitt. He has been around for quite some time, acting in popular films and making his face known in movies such as Fight Cluband World War Z, just to name a couple. But what many people may not know about Brad is that he doesn’t use soap. The famous actor says that he believes that body soap has a lot of toxins in it that are not only bad for the body, but bad for the planet as well. He also does not believe in using deodorant for the same reasons. Of course, many would consider this rather disgusting, but Brad says that it’s one of the best decisions for him. His wife Angelina Jolie, has been quoted saying, jokingly, that her husband started smelling like a sheep dog, while his kids began calling him “stinky daddy.” A hilarious nickname coming from his own kids, but he remains stern on his decision to not use soap.

14. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Beer Shampoo


Elizabeth Arden cosmetics made the right decision when they decided to use Catherine Zeta-Jones as their main face for makeup. And while this may be the case, Catherine also has a few of her own beauty secrets up her sleeves, and they are quite strange, to say the least. The first is an exfoliating treatment, which Jones uses on her body. She combines honey and salt, claiming that it’s the perfect combination to get rid of wrinkles and halt the aging process. Supposedly, it also leaves a great look to your skin. Another strange habit comes from her knowledge of the acids in fruit such as strawberries and apples. Jones says she always bites down on an apple after a meal, but that even strawberries or pineapples have the same effect. If there isn’t an apple in the area, Jones says strawberries will do just fine. Lastly, beer, she says, is something she uses to keep her hair healthy. She claims she smells like the bottom of a beer barrel for days, but that it is totally worth it.

13. Cameron Diaz, Knob Rubber


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is nothing to scoff at, although, the world does a lot of laughing in regards to the terrible disorder. It’s estimated that around 3.3 million American adults suffer from some form of anxiety. And that wide estimate does not exclude famous people such as movie stars and singers. Cameron Diaz, a very popular actress who has starred in many different movies, actually suffers from OCD. She’s very specific about how she does certain things, and has been quoted saying that she has a problem with door knobs. Apparently, anytime she used to open a door, she would have the incessant desire to rub the door knob. Because of this, she would wash her hands many times a day. Now, whenever Diaz opens a door, she uses her elbows, to avoid the terrible habit. Not a disgusting habit, necessarily, but an obviously annoying and aggravating one, to say the least.

12. Jennifer Aniston, Plane Tapper


Jennifer Aniston, a well-rounded actress with a large slew of movies under her belt, has been known to have quite a superstitious side. Of course, many superstitions exist in the world, from the fear of walking under ladders, to avoiding a black cat that crosses your path, superstitions are everywhere. But Aniston has a very peculiar one that differs a bit from the rest of them. Anytime she boards a plane, Aniston taps the outside of the plane with her right foot before entering. It’s a strange thing to be seen doing, but Aniston says she does it for good luck. Aniston told Yahoo: “If I walk onto an airplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane. I have always done it. For luck. Someone told me to do it, and I don’t remember when that was. But it’s kind of stuck.”

11. James McAvoy, Rabbit Greeter


It’s obvious that James McAvoy has made such a huge name for himself since his big jump into the fame bucket, but what really makes him appealing? Is it the dashingly handsome face? His rugged accent that leaves girls head over heels? Apparently, it’s a combo of many things, but this X-Men star has more up his sleeve than meets the eye. We all have different superstitions, even Jennifer Aniston proves that, but James McAvoy’s superstitious side is even stranger. If it were the first of the month, would you have anything special to say? James does, and he believes that he has to say it to the first person he sees. On the first of every month, James says: “On the first, I have to say ‘White Rabbit’ to the first person I see. My grandmother taught me that, it’s good luck to say it.” Perhaps McAvoy has a fear of falling down the rabbit hole.

10. Tom Cruise, Bird Poop Facial


When we talk about Hollywood stars, a few people tend to come to the front of the mind. Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, but one of the most popular has to be Tom Cruise. Since Mission Impossible, and long before that, Cruise has been presenting his craft with prowess, showing us that diversity in character is entirely possible. While his famous acting is entirely great, his beautification habits are somewhat strange and gross. People have been known to put some very strange substances on their face, but Tom’s choices truly take the cake. Cruise has been known to use a concoction of nightingale droppings, rice bran and water. This combination, according to Cruise, lifts the dirt form your face and leaves a great shine, afterwards. While this isn’t the first thing someone would think to put on their face, Tom Cruise certainly thinks it works wonders for the skin.

9. Sushmita Sen, Bathes Outdoors



The world of Bollywood is a strange and unusual one. Certainly, their actors and actresses have different ways of handling their acting. Also, the lifestyles of the actors have a very different feel to them. Sushmita Sen, a very popular actress in Bollywood, has portrayed many characters over the years in many different movies. She’s considered a star in India and knows what she is doing, however, a little known fact about Sen has sent some people in an outrage. Sushmita likes to look at the moon and stars, but she’s taken that liking a little further with her bathroom. Designed to fit on her terrace, right in the open. Sen claims she loves to bathe under the stars and the moon. Certainly not a disgusting habit, but a controversial one, nonetheless.

8. Katy Perry, Teeth Obsession


Sometimes some bad habits are not as simple as nail biting or chewing with your mouth open. At times, habits are a little more fearful and strain on the mind, causing us to do very strange things. Katy Perry for example, travels the world to many places, but along the way, she always makes sure to take at least 20 toothbrushes with her! Apparently, Katy Perry has a deep fear of cavities, and doesn’t like going to the dentist. Which isn’t something that’s uncommon, especially in children, but to hear about it coming from a celebrity is another story entirely. In our minds, celebrities are practically fearless and it always seems like nothing can stop them. But when it comes to Katy Perry; a thirty-one-year-old with a fear of dentists? What? On second thought, who can blame her? Dentists can be rather terrifying.

7. Megan Fox, Won’t Flush


You simply cannot escape strange habits, they’re everywhere. Even people like Megan Fox have strange habits they would rather not let the public know about. Possibly the most shocking of these strange habits is the fact that after Fox goes to the washroom to do “number two”, she doesn’t flush the toilet. This is a disgusting fact in itself, and even if celebrities are amazing, the last thing we want to see is the poo from a celebrity. Another strange thing about Megan is that she doesn’t like dry paper of any kind. She supposedly keeps a cup of water next to her whenever she reads so she can wet her fingers to flip the pages. Also, hearing people breathe is a strong pet-peeve of hers. These are all strange habits, but not flushing after taking a “number two” has to be the one with the most disgust.

6. Demi Moore, Leech Lover


The thought of leeches sucking your blood will turn a lot of stomachs. However, actress Demi Moore claims that leeches have proven to be a useful tool in looking younger and being healthier. It’s considered an extreme form of beauty therapy, and Moore swears by it. Demi Moore once told David Letterman: “I feel like I’ve always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimise your health and healing. I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy. These aren’t just swamp leeches though – we are talking about highly trained medical leeches. These are not some low-level scavengers – we’re talking high-level blood suckers.” Leeches have been used as a form of therapy for quite some time and were even used by the Egyptians who considered them a cure for many different diseases.

5. Jeetendra, Eats On The Toilet


It’s a very common concept that eating while pooping is entirely gross. The question comes to mind, and leaves you to wonder, do people actually do this? Actor Jeetendra, actually has a strange habit of eating while he takes a dump. However, the only food he likes to eat while doing so is papaya. Surely, Jeetendra isn’t alone, but this isn’t something he should be telling the public. Especially in the realm of Bollywood. The famous actor has been known for many different roles and his net worth is around 1.79 billion, but that doesn’t mean Jeetendra is void of gross habits. It is an automatic assumption that this cannot be sanitary, but Jeetendra doesn’t seem to mind. With so many habits one can have, this is truly one of the most disgusting.

4. Shah Rukh Khan, Won’t Remove Shoes


Here’s one last example of Bollywood’s biggest stars that has a bad habit. Shah Rukh Khan is easily in the top ten list of most popular people in India. He has been quoted for having some very terrible habits such as smoking and drinking, but one habit stands out above the rest. Khan claims that he doesn’t take his shoes off until he goes to bed, otherwise, he always has them on. He says that he doesn’t like having his shoes off and that it is just something he has grown up with. Khan says: “I can never be seen in slippers; I always wear my shoes. In fact I take them off only when I go to bed or perhaps when I am unwell. But then one thing that has always stayed with me is that I am always properly dressed and would be seen with my shoes if I come out to meet someone.”

3. Christina Aguilera, Smells Like Hotdogs


The voice of Christina Aguilera is very well known and loved by many around the world. But what many have complained about is something entirely different. Looking at her, you wouldn’t think there would be complaints about anything. Unfortunately, some incidents have left the famous pop star looking rather bleak and lacking in hygiene. Many people have questioned her cleanliness, with many interesting reasons. People have complained in general, that Aguilera often smells like hot dogs. Of all the scents to have, this is a very peculiar one. No one really knows why, but apparently, it bothered someone just enough to say something about it. Another problem; Christina uses WAY too much spray tan. During one of her performances, she can be seen standing on stage as the spray tan runs down her leg. Also, people have reported she doesn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom. Yuck.

2. Sandra Bullock, Butt Cream Facial


There aren’t many bad things said about this amazing and beautiful actress. Her bad habits, that we know of, are minimal, and we only know of one. When most people get wrinkles on their face, they apply anti-wrinkle cream or something from a beauty line, but Bullock has other means of removing bags under eyes. Many people may not have guessed it, but Preparation H has an anti-inflammatory effect under the eyes. That’s right, hemorrhoid cream has a lasting effect for beauty, and Bullock uses it without shame. It makes sense, considering the decrease in inflammation, but what is so strange about this is the product itself.

1. Ke$ha, Drank Pee


The number one to make it on the list has built the reputation as both a pop singer and legal warrior. She took the world by storm and created a party-girl image that she then had a hard time trying to shed. She’s also battled with an alleged eating disorder. It’s understandable that celebrities want to stay in tip top shape, but sometimes, the way they go about this is taken too far. Ke$ha once drank her own urine, because she was told it was part of a healthy diet. The “Tik Tok” singer can be seen drinking the pee in her documentary, but thankfully, this habit died hard. Ke$ha no longer drinks her own urine, which  is probably a good thing. Drinking urine can have terrible effects on your health, leaving you dehydrated and filled with many different toxins.


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