Top 5 Hottest Asian Pornstars

Having a sexual fetish for Asian women has almost become a running joke in society, but that’s only those people saying them haven’t had the chance to see these 10 best Asian pornstars. Otherwise, they would understand us. These babes are not only stunning, but are really good at what they do, and luckily for us, they are still going strong at it. So if you like Asian women porn, these 10 hotties are a great way to start exploring your poison.


Dana Vespoli

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Born in 1972, Dana is one of the biggest veterans of the industry in general and by far the oldest pornstar on this list of best Asian pornstars. She started doing porn when she was 31 and has taken no time to take hold of the industry as she is now one of the most respected directors in the game. Yet, we appreciate her on-screen time more as the MILF has one of the hottest bodies with a big butt and wide hips, while also having a unique face thanks to her half Irish, half Thai descent.

Asa Akira

The biggest Asian pornstar without a doubt and quite possibly the coolest adult actress ever, as Asa Akira’s social media profiles are well worth the follow mostly because she’s a funny, interesting person. Hey, her IG bio states “I have an award-winning asshole”, so that’s a nice preview. A true veteran, this 31-year-old Asian-American is in the industry for 11 years now, and has gone into directing, and also co-hosting a radio show too. The juggernaut of the industry, Asa Akira is the perfect prototype of a pornstar and THE Asian pornstar.

Maria Ozawa


People either don’t know who Maria Ozawa is or they are completely obsessed with her. Ozawa is a phenomenon in her native Japan and has been for a long time, but after a while, she transitioned to the global market. French Canadian on her father’s side, Ozawa has a very elegant, cute look to her, and she looks as young and as fresh as she did when she started out her porn career back in 2005. Surely one of the very best Asian porn stars and one of the most beautiful adult actresses in general.

London Keyes

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One of the biggest names amongst the Asian pornstars and one of the most productive actresses of them all, as she has been in the business for nine years and never slacked off. Half Asian, half caucasian, London Keyes was born in Seattle, Washington and started doing porn when she was 19, making her 27 now. This 5 feet and 4 inches thick babe likes the doggy position most and is really into anal, which her numerous videos can attest to.

Sharon Lee

A babe that could easily be a high-level fashion model as she has a perfect body and a stunning, elegant, unique face. A Vietnamese 5 feet 7 inches hottie was born in Paris, France, and firstly made herself a name in the European country before taking on the world. The 28-year-old paused her porn career back in 2014 after five years in the biz but is currently having a resurgence, mostly filming for American productions.

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