6 Lowest Paying Jobs In The US

The word “career” started out as a metaphor. It comes from Middle French “carrière”, meaning “race course”.



6. Cafeteria and Coffee Shop Counter Attendant – $18,990 per year – The duties of a counter attendant basically include serving food and beverages to the customers sitting by the counter. A simple task, requiring basically no formal training or education, but also resulting in a small pay.

lowest-paying-jobs-united-states5. Dining Room and Cafeteria Attendant and Bartender Helper – $18,900 per year – Still in the food service industry, but this time around we’ll be looking at bartender helpers. Their job revolves around helping with the process of food serving, mostly cleaning tables and carrying the dishes. Once again, no work experience or education is required, providing a yearly wage of $18,900.

?????????????????????????????4. Shampooer – $18,890 per year – Landing at our No. 4 are the shampooers. Assigned with shampooing and massaging customer’s hair and scalp at hair salons, they earn about $18,890 each year.

lowest-paying-jobs3. Dishwashers – $18,330 per year – As one of the most common odd jobs, likely among the first one you thought of as far as the low-paying work goes, dish washing can earn you up to $8.8 per hour, summing up to a total annual pay of $18,330.

lowest-paying-job-fast-food2. Fast Food Cook – $18,230 per year – You might have thought that being a cook can earn you good money, and you just might be right. But you most definitely could not say that about fast food cooks, as they are actually ranked among the lowest paid jobs in the US.

lowest-paying-job1.  Food Preparation and Serving Workers – $18,120 per year – Once again we are in the food business. With some rather simple tasks, the job sums up to serving food along with helping in its preparation. With a wide variety of similar jobs, the food preparation and saving worker includes the likes of fast food cashier and server, deli workers, drive thru window order taker and line server.

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