Top 7 Women’s Darkest Fantasies

Top 7 Women’s Darkest Fantasies

Fifty Shades Freed hit theaters last month, so now seems the perfect time to delve into the dark fantasies of women everywhere.


With ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ hitting theaters this weekend, it is the perfect time to explore women’s darkest fantasies in the bedroom.

With Fifty Shades Freed hitting theaters over the weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to delve into the dark fantasies of women everywhere. From romantic daydreams of a gorgeous man covering you in whip cream to scandalous visions of being tied up in leather, all sexual healthy beings love to imagine what they most likely aren’t getting in real life. Now not everybody is vocal about their dark desires, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about them. Trust me, behind closed doors and in the most intimate of moments, they are.

Men often receive a bad rap for vocally expressing their want of naughty and sometimes sexually degrading acts, but what most people don’t know is how many women have very similar visions. The difference is that even though we may share alike fantasies, men are more likely to act on them compared to women. Why, you ask? Well for starters, have you ever wondered how a man can sleep with three women in a week and be praised for it, but when a woman does the same she is labeled a whore? It all comes back to what’s viewed as socially acceptable. When a man admits to being a fan of spanking, whipping, and bondage, he is seen as adventurous and wild, but when a woman does, she is branded as “freaky or kinky.” It’s all quite prehistoric and ridiculous if you ask me. However, nowadays, thanks to books like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Story of O, women feel more comfortable taking ownership of their sexually honest side and sharing with their lover and the world what they really crave in the bedroom.


The number one fantasy for most women is bondage. This includes everything from blindfolds and handcuffs to gags and rope. Something about giving up all control and all worries and voluntarily handing her body over to a man has chicks all riled up. We all know how a woman’s mind works (which is morning, noon, and night) so to be restrained and at the mercy of a man is not only sexually appealing but also an outlet for everyday stress in life. This is a win-win for most guys, seeing that controlling a woman is way up there on the male fantasy list.

Forceful Sex

This came in as the number two most popular fantasy among women. Before we dive into why, let us get one thing straight: women who desire forceful sexual acts in no way shape or form want it without their consent. So if any of you crazy kids want to live out this fantasy, make sure it’s with someone you trust and not a first or second date. Answers as to why women may want this are simple. Like bondage, they want to give up control. They want a man to throw them on the bed, rip off their clothes, and tell them to “STFU” while they have their way with them. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was while mad at my partner.

Exotic Dancer

I don’t care what anyone says, every woman dreams about giving a striptease once in her life. Something about seducing a man and being viewed as a sexual and confident vixen always gets the girls giddy! Luckily, there are about a million classes country wide to help promote and teach the sensual moves of an exotic dancer. Not to mention, half of the chicks dancing in the bars and clubs nowadays are dancing like strippers anyway, so there are plenty of places to get your routine perfected, making this one fantasy easy to accomplish.

Sex With a Stranger

This is another extremely common fantasy among women and men and goes hand and hand with the yearning to have guiltless sex with no strings attached. In a society where women are bashed for having a heavy sexual appetite, it is no wonder like all things we want and can’t have, that chicks everywhere are dreaming about doing whatever they want with whomever they want. Picturing a strange man taking you in an alleyway with no words exchanged, just pure pleasure, is exactly what the modern woman craves these days.


Sex is expected to be a private thing, an act meant to happen behind closed doors. Perhaps that is why so many women want to say F you expectations and hike their skirt up for all to see. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are daydreaming about going to an underground sex club and doing it in front of an audience; it could be as simple as getting frisky in the back of a taxi with the chance of someone seeing. Not only does this forbidden and illegal fantasy get the adrenaline pumping but it also gives women a feeling of empowerment. Like, yeah I know what I’m doing is criminal and irresponsible and I don’t give a f*$k!

Paranormal Sex

That’s right, thanks to movies like Twilight and books like Karen Marie Moaning’s Shadowfever, women around the world close their eyes and whip out their B.O.B. to the thought of vampires, werewolves, and other ghastly monsters taking advantage of them. There is something so incredibly sexy about a mysterious unknown creature devouring and worshiping our human body. It’s dangerous, wild, and completely impossible, the perfect makeup for the perfect fantasy.

Group Sex

Whether it be with another woman or man, it seems ladies love to imagine themselves in a group sexual setting. This naughty vision is usually not a romantic love fest either. This is all about untamed and erotic pleasure. To get a bit more psychological about this particular fantasy, it is said that the idea of being caressed by multiple partners and and not knowing of who’s going to kiss you next is a popular fantasy for women who desire sex without emotion. See, even a woman’s sex dreams are complex and layered with feelings.

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