Topless Protestors interrupt Bernie Sander Event To Protest Trump

Topless Protestors interrupt Bernie Sander Event To Protest Trump


There was a lot of Donald Trump protesting on Saturday. First there was the group of people who shut down the main road leading to his event near Phoenix. Then there was the protester who got beaten up in Tuscon, and the other protester who got yanked backwards by a Trump security guard and/or Corey Lewandowski. On top of all that, a massive protest took place in front of Trump Tower in New York City. There was also a much smaller protest that for some reason went down during a Bernie Sanders event, and really only involved one woman, who happened to be topless.

Combining the Dump Trump and Free the Nipple movements, Anni Ma got on a man’s shoulders and took her top off in the middle of Sanders’ speech. Her body was covered with messages which read “Hate speech is not free speech” and “Stop fascism.” She was also sporting Free the Nipple stickers, probably in an attempt to prevent Instagram from deleting her pictures.

The woman says she actually tried to get into the Trump rally in Fountain Hills (the one delayed by the traffic jam) but failed to gain entry. Instead she headed on over to the Sanders rally so that at least someone could hear her message. Why not? I mean, the people in New York City were essentially protesting at a building, so this makes just as much sense.

When she took her top off the crowd unsurprisingly started cheering. Sanders stopped for a second to figure out what was going on, flashed a quick smile, and then went right on complaining about Wall Street, because Sanders is a rock that will not be moved off of his talking points.


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