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Transgender Kindergartner Fights For Right To Use Girls’ Bathroom

Transgender Kindergartner Fights For Right To Use Girls’ Bathroom


A Texas mother is fighting for the right of her transgender daughter to use the girls’ restroom when she starts kindergarten this fall, KPRC reports. “Please understand I’m not fighting about bathrooms, I’m fighting about her life,” Kim Shappley told the Pearland school board during a meeting Tuesday. Her daughter Kai was born male but identifies as a female and has been living as a girl for the past two years. According to KHOU, Shappley is a “devout Christian” who originally punished Kai’s behavior. She says she had a change of heart. “When your 4-year-old is praying to die, you know you have to do something,” Shappley says.


It’s a change of heart the Pearland Independent School District hasn’t had. Shappley says she was told Kai will have to use the boys’ restroom, and the district superintendent has spoken out against LGBTQ issues in the past. “Children whose parents declare them transgender must go to the bathroom for the sex indicated on their birth certificate,” KPRC quotes a district statement as saying. That goes against new Obama administration guidelines, which states schools must let transgender students use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity. Texas is going to court Friday to fight those guidelines.

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Not sure. we do have a few of the more vocal members gone traveling like ZBD and Drac, but yeah everyone else is just being quiet I guess. Did you see the spinning globe thingy widget we put in? It shows everyone who is on (green flashing dots) and the white dots show past visits. So the site is mostly introverts.
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can a kindergartener be capable of choosing their own gender that early? seems way too early

Noticed that as well. Very cool!! I always thought it added a little bit of fun depth to know the general area someone is from as I read their remarks

Did you tell anyone about this?
I just thought it was yet another ad.
So what does it tell us?

Woah! I’ve just seen what it shows us.
Not cool if I’m honest, Cat.
Can you generalise my location more, plz?

It only has very general info listed, and it refreshes every few seconds making info run very quickly off the page. You see a city and country (What you might see under some basic user names on some sites like: America, Germany Or Russia) for 10,000+ single user visits every day. Almost 3 million individual users in the last year, with over 2,800,000,000 page views, and never one problem or issue from us or through them. (It’s way higher but I am averaging) We scan for viruses every day, and would never put you or your info in jeopardy. If you take a really close look all the info is about what is on our site. There are no ip addresses or sensitive info on there at all. I promise.
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There is nothing reflected in the Revolver Map Globe that is unsecure. It just shows a general location of anyone that is on the site at anytime and it is generated by Revolver, then sent securely to the widget embedded on our page. neat little tool for getting an idea of where and when everyone gets on. So no security issues at all.
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