Troubling Details About Mick Jagger

Troubling Details About Mick Jagger

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has been in one of the most successful rock bands in history since 1962. But the singer has trudged through many turmoils and tragedies, some of which have been of his own making. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the troubled history of Mick Jagger.

It’s widely known that Mick Jagger is something of a ladies’ man, but as The Irish Independent tells us, pretty much every report of his lechery is an understatement. From broom closet affairs with Brigitte Bardot and Tina Turner to opulent backstage parties, the singer’s life has been a constant conveyor belt of women. It’s estimated that he has slept with over 4,000 women. Jagger’s female therapist, who he ended up having an affair with, had this to say about the singer, quote,

“Being with all these different people makes him feel young and gives him all this energy. He can’t stay faithful. He has to get that satisfaction from bedding a lot of women at the same time.”

Unfortunately for Jagger, this attitude has bled into other walks of his personal life and caused irreparable damage. His long relationship with model Jerry Hall ultimately ended in her filing for divorce after Jagger tore down the final barriers of her trust by getting a Brazilian model pregnant. According to The Journal, Jagger’s response was to argue that he and Hall were never actually married because their 1990 wedding ceremony in Bali was never legally valid, and they hadn’t registered the marriage afterwards. The court later voided the marriage. Jagger moved on to other romantic relationships and continued to live like a true rock star.

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