TSA Opts To Not Do Job At All Instead Of Just Doing It Poorly

TSA Opts To Not Do Job At All Instead Of Just Doing It Poorly


Faced with tightened budgets, limited staffing, and long passenger wait times, the Transportation Security Administration recently attempted to eliminate security screening at a number of airports as part of a “risk-based” approach to air travel safety.

The proposal was said to have affected anywhere from six to 22 airports, and would have resulted in passengers being screened at their destination instead of prior to take off. This method is already used at smaller airports across the world, including in Alaska, but lawmakers balked at the proposal in light of recent terror attacks in France and Belgium. “I don’t think most Americans would agree to get on a plane that’s got 49 other passengers without a sense that everybody on that plane is safe to be with,” Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) told Politico. Moran sponsored legislation with Rep. Greg Walden to block the TSA from moving forward with the plan.


Congress knows the TSA’s approval ratings might be the only ones in the country lower than their own, especially following last summer’s dismal and widely publicized internal investigation disaster wherein screeners failed to catch mock bombs and weapons on passengers 95 percent of the time. (The TSA’s excuse at the time? The tests were “too hard.”)

No need to fear, Americans. Legislators won’t let these lazy bums get away with not doing their jobs period in lieu of just doing them poorly. You won’t have to worry about not getting your genitals and buttocks groped any time soon.


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Not having the TSA at an airport would be a solid incentive for me to fly through that airport more. They don’t do anything to increase security, and the whole security theater process is awful.

bin laden won. here’s the solution travelers, get a TSA pre card and sail thru. go online and get started

A really evil terrorist would use a rectal cavity bomb without metal parts. It doesn’t matter if it is effective, but it will mean pat downs will turn into cavity searches for everyone.

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