TSA Sued After Beating Up Disabled Teenage Cancer Patient

TSA Sued After Beating Up Disabled Teenage Cancer Patient


19-year-old Hannah Cohen and her mother Shirley are suing the TSA over an incident that occurred about a year ago when the then 18-year-old was beaten by agents while attempting to go through security at Memphis international airport.

Hannah and her mother were attempting to fly to Chattanooga for the holidays, a trip Shirley claims they made hundreds of times. Hannah is a patient at St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis, where she is being treated for a brain tumor. Hannah and Shirley told The Guardian that Hannah’s condition “left her easily confused and frightened in unfamiliar situations.”

On June 30, 2015, Hannah set off the alarm on the airport body scanner as she went through security. Her and her mother believe it was because of the sequins on her shirt, which she offered to remove since she had another shirt on underneath. A female TSA agent allegedly laughed at the suggestion. Meanwhile, Shirley, who had already gone through security attempted to inform agents about Hannah’s condition.


From The Guardian:

But soon, a voice on the public address system requested more agents to report to the checkpoint, Shirley said. “That’s when the armed guards came.”

The brain tumor had left Hannah blind in one eye, deaf in one ear and partially paralyzed, so when the guards grabbed each of her arms, it startled her, she said. “I tried to push away,” she said. “I tried to get away.”

The guards slammed Hannah to the ground, her mother said, smashing her face into the floor, which the complaint alleges left her “physically and emotionally” injured.

Hannah was taken to the hospital and then transported to jail. She was released 24 hours later and had to appear in court the next day. After explaining the situation to a judge the charges were eventually dropped and the court fees refunded.

The lawsuit against the TSA and the Memphis-Shelby County airport authority calls for a “reasonable sum not exceeding $100,000″ for medical bills as well as punitive damages.

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Poor girl. I read elsewhere that the TSA’s first response to the media, was that the family should of called ahead on their medical line to explain her situation first… smh

why is the first response to slam someone on the fucking ground. what a bunch of assholes

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