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Tuckered Out By Hike, Couple Calls For Rescue Helicopter

Tuckered Out By Hike, Couple Calls For Rescue Helicopter

Broke a leg while hiking? That’s a good reason to call an air ambulance. Attacked by a yeti? An even better reason. Being all tuckered out? Not so much. The International Business Times reports a woman and her husband from the Swedish village of Jokkmokk were hiking in the mountains recently when they called police to tell them she was having trouble walking. Police dispatched an air ambulance and mountain rescue team only to discover the woman was having trouble walking because she was tired from all the hiking.

That wasn’t considered an emergency—especially because there was a cottage nearby—and the couple was given the option of either walking down the mountain on their own or paying for the helicopter ride, according to the Local. They ended up paying the equivalent of more than $3,600 for the helicopter ride. “Mountain rescue should be for when there is a danger to life or health,” a police spokesperson says. “If you have food and a roof over your head maybe it’s better to wait a bit until you’re feeling a bit stronger.”



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