Twisted Thug Raped Sleeping Girlfriend And Bragged About ‘Daily Abuse’ Online


This despicable excuse for a human being beat his girlfriend on a daily basis, raped her and uploaded the abuse online. 

Brave Atlanta Hammond from Braintree, Essex, recalled the appalling abuse brought upon her by her ex-partner, who took to Facebook to boast about his disgusting attacks.

Atlanta, who has a two-year old child, said that she was subjected to physical abuse, banned from socialising and made to quit her job because of her revolting, power-hungry partner.

The horrendous human being even raped her while she slept and threatened to post it online once she gathered the strength to leave him, reports the Daily Mail.

Atlanta, who is only 21, revealed that she met her ex, Halil Cetinkayali, when she was 18 and he exerted control over her from that moment on, despite making her ‘feel like a princess.’

She described her ex as a strict Muslim, who made her leave her job as a carer ‘out of respect for his faith.’

Atlanta searched his name on Google one day and discovered that he’d been using a fake name and was wanted by the police.

When she went to speak to him about it however, things took a dark turn, he threatened her, grabbed her by the throat and said he’d post videos of them together online.


She said:

I didn’t have to do anything to get hit. Say the wrong thing, answer back, talk to the wrong person.

He’d make me sit on the phone to him all night if I was at a friend’s house. I wasn’t allowed to see any male friends. In fact, eventually, he banned me seeing anyone but my mum – and for those times he’d buy me concealer.

The horrific abuse reached such a level, that Atlanta tried to escape to her mum’s house, but just as she was about to get a taxi, evil Halil caught her, assaulted her and stabbed her in the hip.

As a result of this repulsive encounter, Atlanta contacted the police and he was finally arrested for wounding with intent.

Sickeningly, Halil had such a hold over the girl that he convinced her to retract her statement and he was released with an electronic tag in 2014.


After his initial release, he blackmailed his victim by showing her the video of himself raping her while she was asleep.

This time though, Atlanta fought back and sent him a picture of the injuries she’d sustained throughout their abusive relationship.

Instead of handing himself in, Halil did something unbelievable and posted the pictures onto Facebook with an incredibly arrogant caption.

He posted:

This is the girl I beat up and cheated on for two years.


Following this, Atlanta cut off all contact with Halil, until one day, she got home to find him sprawled across her bed.

Terrified she ran outside, where he chased her and attacked her in the street in broad daylight.

Thankfully, her neighbours witnessed this vicious assault and called the police, at which point Atlanta finally confessed the whole story of the physical and emotional abuse she’d endured.

Although Atlanta may never fully recover from her horrific ordeal, Halil was sentenced to 19 years and eight months in prison last year.

She was incredibly brave to reveal her story and hopefully it will encourage other victims of domestic abuse to come forward, showing them that there is a light at the end of the extremely dark tunnel.

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