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Twitter Is Obsessed With This Painfully Epic Escalator Stunt Failure

Twitter Is Obsessed With This Painfully Epic Escalator Stunt Failure

There’s a reason Jackass was such a popular show. Whether it’s widespread sadism or just straightforward immaturity, humans as a collective love to watch other people fail at pulling off insane stunts. So it’s no surprise that Twitter quickly became obsessed with this video of a drunk man attempting to shimmy down an escalator divider.

After imbibing in copious alcohol at the PDC World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on Thursday night, 22-year-old Freddie Alexander decided to try his fate on an escalator. Basically his beer goggles made the middle partition between the downwards and upwards escalators look so appealing, he decided to slide down for a ride.

Of course, those partitions are full of spikes and bumps and plenty of opportunities for impalement, so his ride was less dreamy than intended.

Naturally, in true good friend manner, his buddy James Gower filmed the ordeal and posted it to Twitter where it quickly took the web by storm. I mean, who can resist watching this mess?!

It looks like he’s attempting to pull a mid-level breakdancing move halfway through the slide, and then it quickly devolves into his (literal) downfall. Luckily, Gower was able to clarify that our DIY Jackass star survived the fall with just a few cuts and bruises.


People could NOT look away from this drunken elevator wreck.




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