Two Men Found Guilty In The High Profile Case Of A 10yr Old Girl That Gave Birth

Two Men Found Guilty In The High Profile Case Of A 10yr Old Girl That Gave Birth

It was an unforeseen twist in a highly publicized case that had seemed to be at its end: DNA results showed in September that a 10-year-old girl in Chandigarh, India—who was pregnant via rape, not permitted to abort, and in August gave birth—was not impregnated by her uncle, as has been alleged. Now, not one but two guilty verdicts in the case. The BBC reports two of the girl’s uncles were on Tuesday convicted of raping the girl and will be sentenced Thursday; they could be handed life sentences, reports the Hindustan Times.
The girl had named her rapist, an uncle in his 40s, in testimony given via video. That uncle reportedly confessed to his crimes to both the police and the girl’s father. But the DNA ultimately showed he hadn’t fathered the child. That of his younger brother, who was arrested in September, did. The Hindustan Times reports she reportedly didn’t provide the name of the younger uncle because he allegedly threatened to kill her parents if she did so. The 10-year-old was told she had a large stone in her stomach that required surgery and was unaware she gave birth to a baby girl, who is in the custody of child welfare officials who will arrange her adoption.

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