Two Police Cadets Were Caught On Camera Having Sex During Training Day

Two Police Cadets Were Caught On Camera Having Sex During Training Day


Something tells me that wasn’t part of the training.

It was just a little while back that we told you folks about two female cadets that were suspended after they were caught making out. But it looks like the two cadets in this story decided to one-up those female cadets just a tad.

The cadets, who were at the NCO training school for up-and-coming officers in Puno, Peru, were caught by CCTV making out at the gym in the middle of their training day. And of course all that making out led to them having sex. And it looked like they missed the part of the training were they taught them all about cameras.


Photo: YouTube

And now because of this both police cadets may be thrown out of the school, and they may also be banned from the National Police of Peru, because footage of the sex session was shared on Facebook. Whoops.

The cadets, who have not been identified, end up completely naked, with the female cadet straddling the male cadet while he sits on a sofa. Man, Police in Peru sure does have an interesting way to train their cadets.


Photo: YouTube

Well, it certainly looks like these two may not be graduating.

Take a look at a small clip of the two cadets below.

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