Two Reporters Shot And Killed Live On TV – During Newscast

WARNING: Footage is disturbing.

Gunman Murders Two Virginia Reporters in Attack Broadcast on Live TV

A former TV news reporter is suspected of fatally shooting two ex-colleagues Wednesday morning during a live broadcast — and then appeared to post his own videos of the killings on social media.

The alleged shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan II — who went by Bryce Williams on air — shot himself shortly before noon after a five-hour manhunt and is in critical condition, police said.

Before that, he appeared to rant about the victims on Twitter and uploaded a horrifying video he allegedly filmed of the shooting.

He accused the victims — reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27 — of racial prejudice, alluding to complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the station’s human resources department.


“Alison made racist comments,” Flanagan tweeted, referring to Alison Parker, the 24-year-old reporter who was killed.

“EEOC report filed…They hired her after that???…Adam went to hr on me after working with me one time!!!…I filmed the shooting see Facebook.”

The scene of sudden shock and horror was first captured at a shopping plaza in Moneta, Va., during a routine news story on WDBJ, a CBS affiliate in Roanoke.

On Twitter, Flanagan posted two videos connected to his murders of Parker and Ward — one in which he approaches the victims, another where he fires shots at Parker. The social media site quickly shut down his account.

Parts of his feed before the shut down:

It had lots of modeling photos from his youth. Pictures of himself and his family. A clip of his news reel and a newspaper clipping about how he was suing his former employer for racial discrimination. And a horrible video I do not recommend watching. He stands there with a gun for 10 seconds. You can see the gun poking into the video like in a first-person shooter game. He must have been just a few feet behind the cameraman’s back. Nobody sees him because they are turned away from him, producing a news segment. Then he starts shooting. You hear Alison scream as she tries to run away.
Twitter user @mr_skylord posted screenshots from the video, embedded above. A copy of the video is below if you want to watch. Again, we do not recommend.

After the shooting, WDB7 morning producer Chris Hurst opened up to viewers on his Facebook page about the private relationship between himself and the late Parker. They two were planning to marry and “were very much in love.”

“We heard screaming, and then we heard nothing,” general manager Jeff Marks said on air while announcing the deaths of reporter Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27.

In the news clip, which aired about 6:45 a.m., Parker interviews Vicky Gardner, executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, at Bridgewater Plaza, talking about tourism in the area.

As they talk, about seven shots ring out. Parker and Gardner scream and take cover as Ward drops the camera.

A man standing near the two women, dressed in dark clothing and holding what appears to be a gun, is briefly seen in the news clip. He calmly steps away from the scene before the video cuts away.

The video then cuts to a stunned reporter in the WDBJ newsroom, who tries to quickly carry on with  broadcast.

WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, 24, and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward were killed in the shooting captured on live TV.FACEBOOK

WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, 24, and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward were killed in the shooting captured on live TV.

Reporters later confirmed Parker and Ward died. Gardner was shot in the back and is in surgery, police said.

“Our team’s on working on (the story) right now, through the tears,” Marks said.

Flanagan was a former WDBJ reporter who was fired about two years ago.

The shooter has been identified as Bryce Williams, real name Vester Lee Flanagan II, a former reporter at WDBJ.

The shooter has been identified as Bryce Williams, real name Vester Lee Flanagan II, a former reporter at WDBJ.

Station manager Marks, speaking on air hours after the shooting, said Flanagan was “an unhappy man” who “quickly gathered a reputation of someone who was difficult to work with.”

He was fired after “many incidents of his anger coming to the fore” and had to be escorted out of the building by police, Marks said. Shortly after that, Flanagan filed an EEOC complaint against the station.

As Flanagan’s fate remained unclear after he shot himself, Marks told viewers, “I’m not sure if I want him to live or die … If he dies, he takes the coward’s way out.”

Hours into the manhunt for the shooter, Flanagan tweeted his rant against his victims and posted his video of the shooting to Twitter and Facebook.

In the video, he appears to approach his three victims, lurk next to them for nearly a minute and then fire more than a dozen times. He whispers “Bitch” after pointing the gun at Parker.

In tweets days before the shooting, Flanagan posted pictures of himself as a child, teenager and former TV anchor. He also alluded to a modeling career and being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.

The video disappeared from Facebook, and Flanagan’s Twitter account was suspended minutes after he posted the clip.

An eerie voicemail on a number listed for Flanagan assures callers they have reached Bryce Williams but called “the right number at the wrong time.”

“Presently I’m out communication with people, so sometimes that takes a little bit longer than expected,” Flanagan says.

He ends the message by telling callers to “always remember this scripture for the day: that this is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. You have a blessed day.”

Parker graduated from James Madison University in 2012 and interned at the station that summer, according to her LinkedIn profile. She returned as a morning reporter in May 2014.

She was dating Chris Hurst, a fellow reporter at WDBJ, who mourned her in a series of tweets.

“We didn’t share this publicly, but @AParkerWDBJ7 and I were very much in love. We just moved in together. I am numb,” Hurst wrote.

“We were together almost nine months. It was the best nine months of our lives. We wanted to get married. We just celebrated her 24th birthday … She was the most radiant woman I ever met.”

Ward started working for the station in July 2011, the year he graduated from Virginia Tech, according to his LinkedIn page. He was engaged to Melissa Ott, a WDBJ producer, who was leaving the station after Wednesday for another job.

Security has been increased at the WDBJ station and staff members have not been allowed to leave the building.

The NYPD is stepping up security at some New York stations but police said there was “no direct threat.”

Two Reporters Shot And Killed Live On TV – During Newscast


7 replies on “Two Reporters Shot And Killed Live On TV – During Newscast”

Not a single headline anywhere saying – Black man shoots 3 unarmed white people.

…but if it had been a white shooting 3 blacks

zeebeedee –

You’re right. And that’s the way it should be.
IMO..Race shouldn’t be assumed be a factor unless there is good reason.

BUT….(I always have a but….)

When a white person hurts a black person there IS GOOD reason for the media to bring up race. Their good reason is the reaction. People are allowed to get upset when white guy is guilty. If they are lucky, they may get riots!!! That’s a good news story.
(In a world of 24hr news networks, tragedy is good entertainment and ratings)

This is messed up. After years of watching internet vids, it takes a lot for me be shocked by a video, but this one made me physically twitch a little.

I am coming to realize that it’s pretty much impossible to convince Americans to allow legislation against guns. You lot are so inured to watching people gunned down that you respond to shootings by running out and buying guns and ammo. Sales spike after every mass shooting. WTAF?

Logically then, I should invest in stocks of makers of guns and ammunition so I can profit from your self inflicted misery.

Why not? President Johnson did, or so it is rumored.. come to think of it, Cheney’s done pretty well too I imagine

If they don’t have guns, they will use knives. If not knives, they will use clubs. If not clubs, they will use fists.

People are violent. People are angry. People kill. Sometimes for the stupidest reasons. Taking away one kind of weapon might decrease the number of victims. It might make the opportunities to kill more scarce. But in the end, people will always find a way to kill if they really want to. It’s in our nature.

The US protects the right to own guns for some good reasons, mostly to do with everyday citizens having some power to resist violent takeover by the military, the government, or a foreign power. It’s not purely paranoia. Hundreds of historical examples show that it has happened before and can happen again.

Unfortunately, some people abuse this right, and they use guns to kill innocent people. It’s a fact, and it sucks.
I don’t think there is an easy answer.
Citizens of the US need to address this cold hard fact, and many of us are trying to find the best way through it.

We’re not stupid. We’re not crazy. We’re just people trying to figure out the best way forward, just like every other person on the planet.

Basically, America’s got problems. We’re trying. Calm down, and maybe work on your own country’s/culture’s issues instead of getting all bossy about ours.

Nobody’s perfect, right?

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