Two Swedes Stabbed In IKEA Store – Both Dead

VASTERAS, SWEDEN – Two were left dead and a third severely injured after a stabbing attack in an Ikea store in the store’s homeland, just an hour west of Stockholm.

One man has been arrested for murder, but no motives or other details are being provided on the case.

The causalities were confirmed by Ikea reps, who indicated that the store shopping center where it is located will be closed while police investigate.

A sign at the Ikea store reads: ‘The warehouse is closed due to a technical issue’

Two Dead In Stabbing At Ikea Store In Sweden
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The person injured in the attack is a 35-year-old man. He is receiving emergency surgery at a nearby hospital for life-threatening injuries.

The two killed are a man and woman, who apparently knew one another, though it is unclear in what capacity.

The Ikea where the unexpected attack took place

Two Dead In Stabbing At Ikea Store In Sweden
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One of the victims was stabbed near an emergency exit in an area of the store that holds kitchen items,reports the Daily Mail. An eye witness described the scene to a local newspaper:

“It was chaos, people came running and no one understood what had happened. Then we saw a person lying, lifeless, in the cutlery section,’ a witness told the newspaper.”

Police were called to the scene around 1 p.m. local time and found the wounded victims.

According to the Ikea manager Mattias Johansson, the three victims of the attack were “three seemingly ordinary visitors.”

Two Swedes Stabbed In IKEA Store – Both Dead



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I do often feel trapped and angry when wandering through the Ikea maze…maybe this sort of thing was inevitable.

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