Two More Women Come Forward To Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby Preliminary Hearing

Because of two new accusations from women known as “Jane Doe 6″ and “Jane Doe 8,” the number of women who have publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault now totals 60. According to The Washington Post, the two Jane Does were part of the 2005 civil suit helmed by alleged Cosby victim and former Temple University employee Andrea Costand. Costand is also the only accuser involved in a criminal case against the disgraced comedian. It isn’t until recently that the two Jane Does ventured to talk about their alleged assaults publicly.

By this point you can pretty much guess how their stories will play out. Cosby invited each of them to a private one-on-one meeting during which where he offered them a drink, they passed out, and woke up to realize that something exceedingly fucked-up happened.

Jane Doe 6’s story entails being alone with Cosby in his hotel room after he did a show at Clemson University in the mid-80s. The comedian gave her a Kahlua and coffee. Then he allegedly asked if she liked “back rubs or belly rubs.” The last thing she remembered was rubbing Cosby’s belly before she passed out.

Jane Doe 8 worked as a booker at a modeling agency and met Cosby in 1984. She went out to dinner with Cosby and one of the agency’s models. Later in the evening, she called a male model friend Tony Hogue to come get her because “her clothes were messed up” and that she was “very uncomfortable” by advances Cosby allegedly made towards her.


From The Washington Post:

Hogue said he initially suggested that his friend ask Cosby’s driver to take her to the apartment where she was staying. Her response unnerved him: “She said she couldn’t even really move.”

Hogue, who first gave an account of that evening to the Daily Beast, said he banged on Cosby’s door for a long time. Finally the comedian answered, he said, acting as though nothing was wrong. Hogue left with his friend and the model, a woman named Beth Ferrier, who would later become Jane Doe No. 5.

“They were such a mess that there wasn’t a lot of conversation,” he said.

In the deposition from the 2005 lawsuit, Cosby denied knowing either of the two new accusers.

In addition to the several civil cases currently ongoing against Cosby, he faces 10 years in prison if he’s convicted in Costand’s criminal proceedings.



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