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What Type of Innovator Are You Truly?

What Type of Innovator Are You Truly?

Each question will have you pick a word, find out how ten words can define your innovation!




What Type of Innovator Are You Truly?

2 replies on “What Type of Innovator Are You Truly?”

“You Are A “Controller”

Uncomfortable with risk, Controllers thrive on structure and shy away from more nebulous projects. Above all, they prefer to be in control of their domain and like to have everything in its place. As colleagues, they’re not exactly the team players and networkers.

You chose words that tell us you want to be in control. You like all your ducks in order, and it wouldn’t hurt to color coordinate them either. You want all the information so you can ensure that you have the best option possible.

A problem can be innovation – you should make sure not to get clogged up in all the rules.”

You Are A “Controller”

Alright then Drac I guess we have to battle it out to see who the boss is gonna be. Let’s just lay down some rules first…

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