Uber Charges Dude $14,401 For A 5-Mile Ride

Uber Charges Dude $14,401 For A 5-Mile Ride

Should have just taken a private jet.


A guy in Toronto was charged an absurd amount of money for a short drive. The unidentified man was looking to go five miles at a peak time — which means that this Uber ride should have cost about $16 max. Well, it cost a tad more.



This guy was instead charged 18,518.50 Canadian dollars (U.S. $14,401.25). Proof of the bill was shared on Twitter by a woman named Emily Kennard, who claimed to be the Uber passenger’s pal.





It gets crazier. According to, Uber agreed that the bill was real and then they refused to refund the money. But then they had a change of heart according to an Uber spokeswoman, who said the company decided to refund the money. Have a look at what she said:

“There was an error here and it has been resolved. We have provided a full refund to this rider and apologized to him for this experience. We have safeguards in place to help prevent something like this from happening, and we are working to understand how this occurred.”

So not only did Uber at first refuse to refund his money, but they then decided as a company to refund the money eventually.  Come on, Uber, you need to get your shit together or people are going to go back to walking to their destination. I’m kidding, what is walking anyway?


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