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UFO Expert Discovers ‘Alien Base’ On The Moon

UFO Expert Discovers ‘Alien Base’ On The Moon


Conspiracy theorists believe they’ve got photographic evidence that ‘humanoid aliens’ have constructed a ‘lunar base’ on the moon.

Of course they don’t actually have any pictures of the aliens or indeed of the base but they do have the next best thing, blurry photos of rocks taken by a satellite.

YouTuber and UFO hunter Streetcap1 claims he discovered the ‘M-shaped’ base while looking through photos taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, The Daily Star reports.


Streetcap1 believes the base is proof intelligent aliens ‘exist and thrive’ on the moon as the ‘M’ couldn’t possibly exist unless someone built it.

Infamous Ufologist Scott C. Waring, who in all honesty has never seen a photo that he didn’t think had an alien in it, revealed the discovery.

Mr Waring also randomly guessed the building is likely upgraded alien tech so it can act as a space craft if necessary.


Waring wrote on UFO Sightings Daily:

Here is a great example of a structure on our moon. You can make out the details of its white surface and its sharp 90 degree corners.

This looks like something that humans would make, which means the species who made it probably look a bit like us.

Interesting hypothesis Scott, I mean it’s complete bullshit but it’s still interesting…

4 replies on “UFO Expert Discovers ‘Alien Base’ On The Moon”

Funny how the sceptics mock these blurry images but readily accept Nasa’s blurry images as proof of Apollo landing sites.

Aliens like the moon cause dust is scarce in the universe.

LOL all you need is a telescope or even a decent camera these days and you can clearly see those things on your own.

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