UK Warns Its LGBT Citizens About Trips To US

UK Warns Its LGBT Citizens About Trips To US


The rest of the world is taking notice of recent laws passed in the US, specifically new anti-gay measures implemented in North Carolina and Mississippi. And in the UK, citizens are actually being warned to stay vigilant while traveling across the pond. Per the Independent, Britain’s Foreign Office has issued an advisory, noting in its “Local Laws and Customs” section on the USA that LGBT visitors to America could face some issues. After noting that “attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country,” it warns that travelers “may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi.” It then dispenses some advice on staying safe.

Specific suggestions include avoiding “excessive physical shows of affection” in public and remaining “wary of new-found ‘friends’—criminals sometimes exploit the generally open and relaxed nature of the gay scene.” The message also directs readers to the Human Rights Campaign website for further info. “It is both frightening and embarrassing that one of our nation’s staunchest allies has warned its citizens of the risks of traveling to North Carolina and Mississippi because of anti-LGBT laws passed by their elected officials,” says HRC Global Director Ty Cobb. The advisory was issued right before President Obama’s scheduled arrival in London Thursday to voice his misgivings at the idea of Britain defecting from the EU, per the Guardian.


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What an absolutely British thing to do.

Now our allies are issuing travel warnings about us like we’re North Korea. Thanks homophobes.

Right. Because “being gay” is the reason a country is going to be hostile to Brits. There’s at least a handful of other more valid reasons.

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