Uma Thurman Breaks Silence On Harvey Weinstein And Quentin Tarantino In Disturbing Interview

Back in November, Uma Thurman’s honest response to a query about the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations made the rounds on Twitter.

When asked about the allegations, Thurman shared that she was too angry to speak her piece in that moment. Nonetheless, the actress implied she would speak out when ready.

“I don’t have a tidy soundbite for you because I’ve learned that I’m not a child. I’ve learned that when I’ve spoken in anger, I usually regret the way that I express myself. So, I’ve been waiting to feel less angry and when I’m ready I’ll say what I’ve got to say.”

On Saturday, Thurman detailed her alleged assault at the hands of Weinstein in an interview published in The New York Times.

She also shared a near-death experience she experienced while filming Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

Thurman alleged that her first run-in with Weinstein’s predatory behavior occurred in his Paris hotel room shortly after Pulp Fiction came out. She alleges that during a seemingly regular conversation, he left the room only to return in his bathrobe.

“I didn’t feel threatened. I thought he was being super idiosyncratic, like this was your kooky, eccentric uncle,” Thurman shared. But then, he proceeded to lead her down to the hallway to a steam room, at which point she confronted him.

“This is ridiculous, what are you doing?” Thurman confronted, at which point Weinstein ran out of the room.

Following the initial incident in Paris, Thurman alleges that Weinstein attacked her at London’s Savoy hotel at an undisclosed date.

“It was such a bat to the head,” Thurman said, referencing the alleged encounter, “He pushed me down. He tried to shove himself on me. He tried to expose himself. He did all kinds of unpleasant things. But he didn’t actually put his back into it and force me.”

The following day, Thurman says Weinstein sent her a bouquet of yellow roses and a note that read: “You have good instincts.”

That same day Thurman returned to the hotel with a friend to confront Weinstein. At the pressure of his assistants, Thurman’s friend stayed down stairs in the lobby while the actress confronted the now disgraced mogul.

“If you do what you did to me to other people you will lose your career, your reputation and your family, I promise you,” Thurman told Weinstein. In rebuttal, he reportedly threatened to destroy Thurman’s career.

“Mr. Weinstein acknowledges making a pass at Ms. Thurman in England after misreading her signals in Paris,” reads a statement sent to the New York Times. Despite this admission, Weinstein’s spokesperson claims the two had “a flirtatious and fun working relationship” and that “he immediately apologized.”

Elsewhere in her interview, Thurman revealed her deeply contentious working relationship with Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino.

While filming Kill Bill, Thurman shared Tarantino ignored her concerns and forced her to drive an unstable car that resulted in a car crash leaving her neck “permanently damaged” and her knees “screwed up.”

“Quentin came in my trailer and didn’t like to hear no, like any director. He was furious because I’d cost them a lot of time. But I was scared,” Thurman said of the stunt.

Tarantino reportedly responded by saying, “I promise you the car is fine. It’s a straight piece of road.”

The subsequent crash proved otherwise.

“That was deathbox that I was in. The seat wasn’t screwed down properly. It was a sand road and it was not a straight road,” Thurman told the New York Times.

Thurman also shared that Tarantino himself performed the aggressive stunts on her for some of the more sadistic scenes in Kill Bill.

“Personally, it has taken me 47 years to stop calling people who are mean to you ‘in love’ with you. It took a long time because I think that as little girls we are conditioned to believe that cruelty and love somehow have a connection and that is like the sort of era that we need to evolve out of,” Thurman concluded in her interview.

At the time of writing this, reps for Tarantino have not responded to requests for comment. When questioned about the allegations themselves,Weinstein’s spokesperson claims “her claims about being physically assaulted are untrue,” and that “this is the first time we are hearing that she considered Mr. Weinstein an enemy and the pictures of their history tell a completely different story.”

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